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What are the common misunderstandings of modified wheels?



First, the misunderstanding of the modified wheel hub

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1, the map is cheap to buy fakes

The modification of the wheel hub is an important step in the car modification. Whether it is the appearance modification or the improvement of the handling performance, the wheel hub plays an important role in it. A high-quality wheel wheel ensures the rigorous production process and strict inspection. Its personality parameter indicators are qualified. Of course, a set of genuine wheels are expensive, and there are only a handful of domestically produced and domestically sold (with export products), so the price of imported wheels is very "not close to the people", a set of 18-inch imported wheels The price is about 20,000 yuan, and the price of a set of forged 19-inch wheels will often be as high as 4, 50,000 yuan, and even more will reach 2,300,000 sets of wheels, so many modified players chose to save costs. The so-called "domestic" and "Taiwan" fake wheel hubs are completely undesirable. If it is a fake wheel produced by a "small workshop", although there is not much difference between the appearance and the genuine wheel hub, it is far in terms of weight and strength. Far from safety indicators, there are often problems such as inexplicable cracks and deformations when using "imitation" wheels, and in the high-speed process, fakes are not enough to support such a high-intensity load. The phenomenon of bursting directly affects the safety of the driver and passengers! Therefore, if the economic conditions are temporarily not allowed, please carefully choose to modify the wheel hub, although the original "steel ring" "casting wheel hub" may not be aesthetically pleasing and lightweight, but at least the safety is guaranteed.


2, did not choose the right wheel properly

The effect of the hub on the appearance of the wheel is obvious, but every detail should be taken into account when selecting the hub. The parameters mentioned in the previous article will affect the use of the hub and the vehicle. If the PCD value is incorrect, it may not be possible. Normal installation, ET value not only affects installation and use, but may affect future upgrades. For example, the original car is a single-piston brake system. In the future, the owner intends to upgrade it to a multi-piston brake system. The ET value and the wheel size are too small. Will affect the normal installation, so when upgrading the brake system, you have to spend the second time to replace or upgrade the hub.


3. Incorrect installation of the hub

Many black-hearted merchants do not prompt the size of the center hole diameter of the owner when providing the modified wheel hub. If this size is smaller than the original size, it cannot be installed naturally, but if it is larger than the original size, no comparison measures will be taken. When the vehicle is driven, there is a situation of disagreement, causing abnormal noise and jitter of the vehicle. In severe cases, the safety of the vehicle is directly affected. If you really like the wheel that you look at, and there is no suitable center hole size, if the size is too small, you can ream the hole. If the size is too large, you can choose some central hole collars provided by the manufacturer for correction.


4, think the bigger the hub, the better

Some people think that the modification of large-size wheels is called upgrade. Some people think that large-size wheels have a visual impact, but the size of the hub is suitable for both the visual and performance aspects. In terms of appearance, the oversized wheel hub makes people feel that the foot is heavy and affects the overall feeling. In terms of performance, it is necessary to balance, large-size wheels, it is necessary to match the tire upgrade, to choose larger, wider tires, wide tires provide more stable grip, strong friction will make Your car starts at a very slow speed, and the fuel consumption is obviously improved. Moreover, the size of the wheel is too large. If other parameters are not adjusted, it will have a great influence on the steering of the vehicle. Each car has a wheel size. The limit, if you simply pursue the size, then performance and control will have to pay a lot of sacrifice, of course, some friends like VIP, HellaFlush and other appearance limit modifications will have other options. Not only that, from the perspective of cost performance, the same type of copper wheel, the larger the size, the higher the price, and the corresponding tire size needs to be increased accordingly, the price will also rise.


Second, how to modify the wheel hub

1, choose the right type of hub

First of all, we must understand that the choice of hubs should be different for different models. Do not think what kind of wheels can be replaced by what kind of wheels you want to install. The wheels are mainly divided into steel wheels, aluminum alloy wheels and magnesium alloy wheels. Steel wheels are the heaviest and relatively cheap, aluminum wheels are lighter than steel wheels, and magnesium alloy wheels are lighter and softer. Acceleration performance is also better, but it is mainly used in racing cars. Only in places with excellent road conditions, magnesium alloy wheels are used in civilian vehicles.

2, use the adapted tire type

The wheel hub should be synchronized with the tire. When the hub is modified, a certain set of attention should be paid to the tire at the same time, because the size of the tire itself is closely related to the size of the hub. Some car owners will choose second-hand tires. It is a kind of unwise behavior. After all, the second-hand tires have a certain life span than the new ones, which brings certain hidden dangers to driving safety. Therefore, new tires should be selected for the upgrade of the hub.

3, the wheel is big, the brakes and shock absorbers must also pay attention to adjustment

In the modification process, in addition to considering the modification limit [refers to does not affect the steering wheel control, do not hit the shock absorber and fender when walking], the modified shock absorber is the best match. Good shock absorbers reduce the metal fatigue caused by ground bumps to the chassis, and enhance suspension stability while maintaining the comfort of the vehicle. The shock absorber with good performance can reduce the center of gravity of the car, make the vehicle straighter and smoother when bending, and the tire has better grip ability and also gives the driver flexible controllability.

4, do not blindly pursue the beauty or performance and blindly increase the wheel hub

However, some car owners think that the bigger the wheel, the wider the tire, the better, but it is not. The main reasons are as follows:

(1) If the diameter of the hub is too large, the torque will increase, which will increase the load when the power of the transmission shaft rotates, which will make the vehicle start and accelerate the power weakening.

(2) When a large hub is used, it is necessary to match a tire having a small flatness. Since the frictional contact area with the ground is increased, the frictional force is increased, so that the fuel consumption is improved.

(3) Replacing the over-wide tire will increase the load on the steering gear, which will affect the handling of the slow steering wheel and shorten the service life of the steering gear.

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