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Why is the car wheel oxidized? How to handle oxidized wheels?



First, the cause of automobile wheel oxidation

1. The surface is scratched by hard objects. At this time, the air can directly contact the aluminum and first oxidize at the injured part, and will gradually spread to the surrounding area in the future use.

2. Wheel oxidation is often caused by corrosion of corrosive chemical products.

Now, after washing the car in the general car wash shop, it will help to brush a tire for free. After the brush is finished, the oil is bright and shiny, which is very good. However, once this kind of thing is brushed, it will corrode the tires and the wheel hub, and even affect the performance of the tire, making the wheel yellow and oxidized. Seeing that they brush free tire wax, be sure to stop immediately.


Second, how to solve the hub oxidation

Preparation: 1 bottle of toilet spirit, 1 large brush, 2 used toothbrushes, 1 bucket, 1 tap water source.


1. Water is taken from the bucket.

2. Clean the surface of the wheel with dust.

3, use the toilet spirit to dilute the surface of the black hair yellow dirt, scraped toothbrush brushing the edges and corners.

4, after the clean water is cleaned, in addition to the wheel wear can not be cleaned, the other black and yellow dirt is removed, very satisfied.

The wheel is wiped with a damp sponge so that the boot process removes most of the remaining brake dust and dirt, preventing the scrubbing surface from scratching the wheel.

Remove dust and debris Buy clean aluminum alloy wheels from the store to avoid acidic cleaners. Mix a suitable amount of water and detergent in a bucket. Soak the sponge in a bucket of detergent and water. Squeeze the sponge bucket to avoid wasting detergent. Scrub the wheel with a sponge.

Third, the daily maintenance of the wheel hub

1, the scratch treatment of the hub

As the saying goes, "Where there are often non-wet shoes at the riverside station," the car will inevitably have various scratches and scratches in the long-term use of the car. The treatment of these scratch marks is generally divided into six steps:
The first step, check the scars, if not injured to the inside of the hub, you can simply repair, use the paint dilution, wipe the scar around, remove the dirt;
In the second step, it is very difficult to remove the dirt in the deepest part of the scratch, and then it can be completely cleaned with a toothpick;
Step 3: In order to prevent accidental application of the unrelated part of the paint, it is best to carefully stick the adhesive tape around the scar;
The fourth step is to arrange the tip of the brush and apply the lacquer. After the lacquer is dried, it will shrink slightly. It is best to spread it slightly.
The fifth step, after painting, takes about a week to completely dry. After drying, apply with soapy water on a water-resistant paper to smooth the surface;
In the sixth step, after rubbing with water-resistant paper, the mixture is wiped out with light, and then waxed.

2, if you encounter deep scars, the key is to observe whether the metal surface is exposed, if you can not see the metal surface will not rust, you can concentrate on the finishing paint. Use a pen tip to pick up the spot and wait until the paint is completely dry. To avoid this phenomenon, the car should be diligently flushing the rim when it is first used. Generally, at least once a week, the rim should be washed. After the water is first washed with water, then the detergent is washed with a sponge. Then rinse with plenty of water.

3, daily maintenance can not be ignored

Daily maintenance is also essential. When the temperature of the hub is high, it should be naturally cooled before cleaning. Never use cold water to clean it; otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel will be damaged and even the brake disc will be deformed. And affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminum platform gold hub with a cleaning agent at high temperatures will cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the hub, which will lose its luster and affect the appearance.

4. When the wheel is covered with tar that is difficult to remove. If the general cleaning agent does not help, you can use the medicinal "active oil" to rub, you can get unexpected results, the owners may wish to give it a try.

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