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What is going on when the front wheel of the car is black?


What is going on when the front wheel of the car is black? What if the wheel is black?

What if the love wheel circle is black?

The reason why the running wheel circle is black is that when the brake device is in the braking action, the toner that has been rubbed by the friction of the brake calipers is only covered gently on the surface of the aluminum alloy rim, but it is not often removed and accumulated. After a while, because the car has been driving for a long time, the aluminum alloy rim will also heat up. This heat causes the toner to coke on the surface of the aluminum alloy rim, which becomes a hard brown surface. This is indeed impossible to use with water. Washed away.

Why is there only the front wheel and the rear wheel? That is because when the car is moving, the center of gravity of the vehicle moves forward, and all the weight is concentrated on the front of the car, which causes the burden of the front brake to be heavier. Therefore, the toner that the brake device grinds will be much more than the rear wheel.

To avoid this phenomenon, the car should be diligently flushing the rim when it is new. The vehicle that is driven every day should wash the rim at least once a week. After flushing with clean water, brush it with a detergent and then wash it with a sponge. Rinse with plenty of water.

If the car has been driving for a while, and it is usually not diligent for cleaning and maintenance, a hard brown dark coke has formed on the rim, which requires a more powerful rim cleaner. It is patience to remove the coke. After spraying the special cleaning agent, you must wait a while for the solvent to soften and coke, then brush it off with a sponge or a coarse cloth, then rinse it with water.

Be careful, don't be impatient, some serious coking needs two or three cleaning actions before there is a way to completely remove. People who don't like to take care of their own cars, it is best to choose a sleek look at the beginning of the car, choose a "smooth" shape that is simple and clear, does not have too many complicated structures, and does not have a bunch of small screws. It is easier to get up.

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