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Automotive wheel exterior treatment Painted wheels, plated wheels or painted wheels?


[Wheel surface treatment process] Appearance of automobile wheels Painted wheels, plated wheels or painted wheels? Is it costly to change the wheel of different materials? But don't change and feel ugly? Then you should add a layer of "obscuring cloth". The hubcap is this layer of "obscuring cloth", which is usually made of plastic and is covered on the outer layer of the steel wheel hub, also called the "wheel cover".

Common wheel hub cover
After installing the hubcap, it can beautify the appearance of the car. Its original purpose is to "cover the ugly" for the steel wheels. However, with the development of the hubcap, it is not only satisfied with the "obscuration" function, but also toward the "beautification" direction. If you want to completely change the appearance of the wheel, there are of course other ways to do the surface treatment.

 Painted wheel
It is basically treated with baking varnish, that is, it is sprayed first and then baked, and the cost is relatively economical and the color is beautiful and the time is long. Some fashion-forward, sporty color wheels use paint technology. These wheels are affordable and come complete.

Electroplated wheel
Specifically, it can be classified into electroplating silver, water plating, and pure plating.
Although the electroplated silver and water-plated wheels are bright and vivid, they are kept for a short time, so the price is relatively cheap. Purely plated wheels retain color for a long time, but at a relatively high price.

Painting wheel
In order to enhance the external beauty of aluminum wheels and environmental protection, the traditional paint coating technology and electroplating technology will be gradually reduced, replaced by water and powder coating technology. After polishing and spraying the surface of the transparent metal surface of the transparent powder, it can replace the plating. The painted wheels are not only changeable in color, but also environmentally friendly and refined. Can meet your requirements to the maximum extent possible.

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