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The difference between 17-inch wheels and 18-inch wheels Is the 17-inch 18-inch wheel different?



Wheel classification

The primary advantage of steel wheels is that they are simple to manufacture, relatively low in cost, and strong against metal fatigue. But the shortcomings are also obvious, such as heavy weight, large inertia resistance, poor heat dissipation and so on. Primarily used for large vehicles such as trucks, construction vehicles, etc.


The advantages of aluminum alloy wheels are light weight, high manufacturing precision, high strength, low inertial resistance, strong heat dissipation, good visual effect, etc. The disadvantage is that the manufacturing technology is messy and the cost is high. Today alloy wheels are widely used in automobiles.


Wheel size

The size is very good, the smallest wheel has 13 inch 16 inch 17 inch 18 inch 19 inch 20 inch, even larger, brand and quantity. I will not introduce them here.


Wheel difference

When the wheel is changed to one inch, the flat tire should also be changed, which greatly increases the touch area of ​​the wheel hub, so that the grip function and the brake function of your car travel greatly, which makes you safer. Large wheels with flat tires will increase the cornering function of your car and enhance your control. The lateral shaking of the car is indeed small, the lateral stability is improved, and it is like a bit of water when passing a corner, and it is lightly passed.

However, the flatter the tire, the thinner the thickness, the worse the shock absorption function, and the greater the sacrifice in comfort. In addition, fuel consumption will be added accordingly. And there is a slight pebbles, and the tires are easily damaged.

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