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Single guide tire easy to install

According to the reporter's understanding, the tire's pattern usually has three kinds of symmetry, asymmetry and single guide. The symmetrical and asymmetrical tires are interchanged according to the front wheel when transposition, and the rear wheel is in the same direction. → Right rear, right front → left rear, left rear → left front, right rear → right front. In addition, the asymmetric pattern tires are divided into the inner and outer sides during the rotation, and the sidewalls have the inside and the outside. When the tire is installed, the outer side and the outer side can be attached.

For single-guide tires, direct cross-transposition is not allowed, and only the same direction can be changed. The order is left front→left rear, right front→right rear, left rear→left front, right rear→right front. This type of transposition is easy to "biased". The best way is to remove the tire from the steel ring and install it on the other side of the steel ring, and then do the balancing.

This also causes the single-guide tire to be easily reversed. Yang Liopeng, the general inspector of Guangzhou Honda Dongpu Store, told reporters that the single-guided tires will make the grip worse, the resistance on both sides is different, the braking effect of the vehicle is reduced, the deviation is easy, the direction is unstable, and the rainy day is more unfavorable for drainage. , leading to security risks.

How do you identify single-guided tires? These tire patterns are mostly similar to the herringbone shape. There are obvious directional arrows on both sides of the tire (Rota-tion), indicating the direction of the tire. When placing the tire, pay attention to its direction and vehicle. The forward direction is the same.

Inventory 3-5 years should be scrapped

New tires are also expired? To what extent is the tires used for scrapping? There may be many people who are concerned about the age of the tires. The reporter interviewed Michelin, the post-sales technical customer manager of Michelin.

According to him, the aging period of tires is 3-5 years according to international practice, and the aging period of Michelin tires is 5 years. The "placement period" of tires from the time of production to the actual use of new vehicles cannot exceed the aging period, otherwise it should be scrapped. If the placement period is less than the tire aging period, the life is based on the wear of the tire. In terms of driving kilometers, the general tires should be replaced after driving 890,000 kilometers. "This is quite the same if a person does not exercise for a long time, and some of his body functions will fall."

According to the reporter's understanding, there are production batch numbers on the tires, which are indicated by a set of numbers and letters, indicating the date and quantity of the tires. For example, “99N08B5820” means the 5820 tires or “DOT0803” produced by Group B in August 1999. This tire was produced in the 8th week of 2003. The production batch number is mainly used to identify the newness and storage time of the tire.

Therefore, it is very important to know the storage time of the tires. New cars, especially imported high-end cars, due to weak purchasing power, relatively long inventory time, pay special attention to the tire production date when purchasing such stock trucks, and see if the storage date exceeds the aging period. In addition, for high-end imported cars, the price of the tires is also very expensive, and the price of the five tires is also more than 10,000 yuan. Pay special attention when purchasing.

Wear up to 1.6mm must be replaced

In general, there are two inflection points in the wear and tear of the tire: First, the depth of the tread is worn to 3.0 mm, at which time the braking ability and anti-slip ability of the tire begin to decrease, especially in the rainy day, and the tread depth is worn to 1.6. Mm, at this time, the braking, driving and anti-slip ability of the tire is linearly decreased, which is seriously reduced. To reach this degree of wear, the tire must be replaced.

It is understood that each tire has a wear indicator at the depth of 1.6 mm left in the tread groove. Along the triangular mark on the sidewall, the wear mark can be found in the pattern of the crown. For example, there is a "small human head" on the Michelin shoulder, and the indicator mark is located at the bottom of the "small human head" tread groove, with a height of 1.6 mm, if the tread rubber blocks wear to the same height as the marks of these protrusions. The tire must be replaced immediately.

“When the worn tires are used on wet roads, the tread pattern cannot discharge the water under the tires, and the 'water drifting phenomenon' will occur, causing the vehicle to lose control.” Xiong Jianjun said that if there is any worry about tire wear, Entrust 4S shop or tire shop to check to see if the pattern depth and wear are within safe limits.

4S shop does not repair tires

"We don't have a tire repair business because it requires professional equipment and investment." The reporter visited the 4S stores of major brands and found that there is no tire repair business in the 4S store. There are only some tires for tires to change positions or change tires.

Why is the 4S shop known as one-stop service not repairing this business? According to the reporter, due to the small amount of business, low profit, and certain risks, this is the main reason why many 4S shops do not provide tire repair services. the reason. “General tire repairs can be messed up by spending 30 yuan on the street shop, and the 4S shop requires working hours, and consumers will find it uneconomical.” A brand 4S shop after-sales manager told reporters.

The reporter learned from the auto repair shop that the price of a set of artificial vacuum tire tools is generally around 30 yuan, and the price of a small tire air pump is also between 60-200 yuan. The equipment should not be very expensive. The insiders pointed out that there are certain technical requirements for tire repair. If the professionalism is not achieved, it may cause certain safety hazards to the car after the tire repair, and it will bring certain operational risks to the tire repairer. Therefore, the 4S shop There is no reason for the tire repair business.

Three kinds of tire repair methods

Cold fill

The so-called cold repair is to remove the injured tire from the rim. After finding the wound, the foreign matter at the wound is cleaned, and a special tire rubber is applied from the inner layer of the tire to complete the trap.

Advantages: Large wounds can be repaired.

Disadvantages: not durable enough, after a period of flooding or high-speed driving, the repair site is likely to leak again.

Hot fill

Hot supplement (commonly known as fire supplement) is the most thorough measure of tire repair. The heat supplement also removes the tire from the rim and attaches a dedicated green film to the wound. Then use a baking machine to bake the wound until the raw film and the tire are completely fitted.

Advantages: Relatively durable, don't worry about repeated leaks at the wound.

Disadvantages: The construction technology requirements are higher, because once the fire control is not good, it is likely that the tire will be burnt, and severe deformation will occur.

Strip method

When the car is driving on the road, the most simple and practical method is to use the strip method, which is suitable for emergency situations.

Advantages: low equipment (a set of tire repair tools plus a small tire air pump), the professional technical requirements of the owner is not high.

Disadvantages: not durable enough, not to go to the professional store to make up in time, easy to cause aging of the belt layer and other parts, forming a greater threat.

Expert advice: repair tires to find professional tire shop

In terms of tire repair, it is recommended to find a professional store for hot repair. If a tire wall (ie, the side of the tire) has a wound larger than 3 cm, or the crown is pierced by objects such as steel bars, causing a large hole, it is generally best to replace the new tire. There is a problem in the non-repairable area such as the sidewall, and the tire should be discarded and must not be used any more. After repair, you can get on the highway, but the repaired tires should be installed on the rear wheels.Article from Jihoo Wheels, please indicate.

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