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Can the painted wheels in China pass the annual inspection of the car?


First, the wheel spray paint color changing steps

1, the first step, cleaning and polishing.

2, then do the preparation work before the film.

3, the whole wheel hub sprayed on the color to be changed.

4. After the micro-coating is dry, remove the self-adhesive sticker immediately. Probably the effect has come out. After a while, I will do it.

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Second, the wheel paint painting precautions

1. All projects are completed in 1--2 hours.

2, must completely clean the wheel hub, and completely dry, so that the wheel paint attached to it will last forever.

3, the valve mouth must be wrapped with tape to avoid the paint, affecting normal air and beautiful.

4. The balance block can be removed separately, and the position is recorded. After cleaning separately, spray it separately. After all the work is completed, reinstall it back to the original position. This has no effect on the tire balance and has an aesthetic effect.

5, spray wheel hub paint must be carried out indoors, to avoid the interference of wind and dust, to face the phenomenon of natural "pock surface" to ensure the effect of spraying.

6, spray wheel paint must be made in the outer edge of the wheel "paper house", so the effect of spraying is relatively saturated, comprehensive, while avoiding the tires are affected by the paint fog.

7. The wheel should only show good saturation effect after 3 times of spraying the wheel paint. Finally, it must be sprayed with varnish to show good brightness enhancement effect.

8. Before each spraying, it must be ensured that the last wheel paint is completely dry, otherwise it will affect the saturation of the paint surface.

9. After the wheel hub painting is completed, do not wash the car for at least 72 hours to avoid the impact of the high pressure water gun on the paint of the wheel hub.

Third, in the Chinese wheel spray paint can be a year of inspection?

As long as the specifications remain the same, it will not affect the annual review. In the automobile traffic management regulations, there is no clear definition of the color of the hub. The color of the hub is not in the 30% color range of the vehicle, so don't worry, changing the color of the hub will not affect the road and annual inspection.

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