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Causes and Countermeasures of Car Wheels Throwing Butter



Wheel dump oil is generally caused by the following reasons:

The rear axle is filled with too much lubricating oil or grease, and flows through the inner hole of the half shaft sleeve to the flange of the half shaft, and leaks out through the sealing paper pad.

The hub axle oil seal is damaged, and the seal failure causes oil leakage.

The bearing goes inside or outside, and the heat generated by the friction makes the grease thinner, which causes the oil to be thrown out of the hub.

The blockage of the ventilation holes in the rear axle housing causes the temperature of the gears in the differential to rise, and the oil pressure to increase, leading to leakage of lubricating oil.

The machining accuracy of the joint surface of the flange of the axle shaft and the hub is not high, and the gasket is damaged, causing oil leakage.

The wheel bearing is adjusted too tightly or is frequently braked during driving, the temperature rises sharply, and the grease melts and is thrown out through the axle pad.

The front hub bearing cover and the rear wheel axle shaft fixing bolts are loose and broken, causing oil throwing.

The preventive measures for wheel hub oil are:

The quality and specifications of the oil seal meet the requirements. It should be tight after installation, and it is suitable to have resistance by turning by hand.

The rear axle is filled with lubricating oil at the required capacity. The wheel bearings are lubricated properly, that is, the bearings are evenly greased inside and outside, and no more grease is added to the hub cavity. This will not only help the wheel to dissipate heat, reduce running resistance, but also save grease and reduce economic expenses.

Frequently dredge and clean the vent holes and screw plugs on the rear axle housing to ensure that they communicate with the atmosphere to prevent the rear axle temperature and internal pressure from becoming too high.

Install and adjust the tightness of the hub bearing correctly. After tightening the nut (turn the hub by hand), return to 1 / 8-1 / 4 turn (the hub can be turned by hand but feels astringent).

Eliminate the bearing to go inside and outside the circle. The method is to coat a layer of alloy on the bearing outer ring or journal; or use a sharp-tipped hoe to punch out pits on the bearing seat or journal, and replace parts if necessary.

Replace the intact paper pad, assemble and tighten the axle bolts.

In order to prevent the hub from heating up when the brakes are frequent, the grease can be thinned. Water can be sprayed on the hub to cool down or install a water spray device.Article from China Wheels.(Jihoo Wheels)

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