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Features and advantages of spinning wheels



Generally, the casting process of the wheel hub is divided into gravity casting, low pressure casting and spin casting.

Gravity casting, a wheel making process that is on the verge of extinction. It mainly fills the entire wheel mold with the weight of the molten liquid aluminum itself, and then cools down to form. This kind of wheel has a higher yield and a lower mold cost, but it has disadvantages. It is also obvious-it is difficult to control the flow time of the metal liquid, because the metal liquid in the slow flow process will inevitably cause the metal temperature at the end far from the casting port to be lower. At this time, the stable temperature control of the mold becomes very important. Too high or too low will affect the manufacturing quality of the hub; however, in order to prevent premature solidification, the temperature of the molten aluminum needs to be increased, but it is easy to cause uneven molecular distribution and more sand holes. At this time, in order to maintain The strength must be filled with more aluminum water, so the weight of the finished wheel cast by gravity will increase.

Anxious to reduce the weight of the wheel hub today, the traditional gravity casting process cannot meet the discerning demands of car owners. Besides, each wheel wheel can reduce the weight of 1KG, which is equivalent to reducing the vehicle weight by 15KG. The weight of an adult will reduce fuel consumption if "one less person rides".

Low-pressure casting, which is based on gravity casting, uses low-pressure nitrogen to "accelerate the speed of advancing the liquid aluminum filling mold" for liquid aluminum. At the same time, there are fewer bubbles, and the distribution is more uniform, and the metal structure is more compact. Better performance. Although under the action of low pressure, the density of the wheel hub has become higher, but the distance from the goal of light weight is worse than that, but there are also "exceptions". The low-pressure cast wheels under the MMX brand use material optimization forces and structural strengthening forces. With outstanding design power, it has reached a high level of strength and light weight.

Spinning process, in the strict sense, is also a branch of "casting". The wheel produced by the process includes two different technologies: "spinning" and "casting". First, the "low pressure casting" method is used to produce the disk surface shape and the rough rim rough. Before this step, it is compared with ordinary casting. The method is exactly the same. The rough embryo produced looks like a shorter wheel hub, while the inner rim is thicker and looks shorter and fatter.


Next, the rough embryo must be sent to a heating furnace and heated to a high temperature of about 400 degrees. Because the melting temperature of the aluminum alloy is not yet reached, the rough aluminum alloy remains solid, but is softened slightly to be processed. Temperature, and "spinning" is the use of high-pressure rollers to press the side of the rim rough embryo to extend, in simple terms, the principle of "spinning" is like "hand pulling ceramic embryo", while rotating, the side Apply pressure to stretch and thin the aluminum alloy blank. Due to the high pressure of reshaping the aluminum alloy, the density of the aluminum alloy can be increased during processing, which makes the internal crystal structure of the aluminum alloy more compact. This aspect is similar to that of "forging". The principle of high-pressure pressing to increase metal density is the same. Because the metal material is stronger, the lighter and thinner rim body can meet the strength requirements.


Wheels, in addition to performance, have another major feature-how to combine durability and strength? As an excellent lightweight wheel hub, not only the center disk surface needs to be redesigned, but also the thickness of the inner and outer J section and the rim body will be reduced. Just like Jihoo, a high-end spinning wheel brand owned by MMX, it uses MMX's condensed spinning molding technology. After the preheating of the induction furnace, the wheel blanks are mobilized by the continuous high-speed rotating motion to mobilize the high speed Move the embryo parts in a condensed form under the action of high extrusion force. During the spinning process, the rim blank becomes thinner and longer, which changes the metal internal structure of the rim, so that the inner molecules are arranged in a fibrous form with a higher density. Therefore, compared with ordinary cast wheels, it has higher strength and higher toughness. In addition, the spinned rim has a thinner section, so the overall weight of the hub is reduced, which is the most direct technical advantage of the Jihoo spinning process.


However, the thickness of the rim is directly proportional to the load. The thinner the rim thickness, the lower the load. Therefore, without reducing the application of the material, and reducing the weight of the hub while maintaining high strength performance, the total load is increased. One level, this is called ability. However, through the optimization of technology, Jihoo's wheel load capacity is based on 725KG (1600lb) as the starting point, and the total load capacity of the four wheels is as high as 2900kg.

Jihoo spinning wheels are solving the mystery of the "high strength and light weight" contradiction, which is to optimize the material performance and strengthen the mechanical structure in the early stage. The spoke designs of the three spinning products are different, but they all inherit the same family design language and optimized mechanical structure. For example: the uneven thickness structure of the inner / outer J section is strengthened to improve the dynamic stability of the vehicle. The design of the ribs on the rim protects the roundness of the wheel to a greater extent and improves the safety factor of the vehicle. The longitudinal structure that emphasizes mechanics and aesthetics, through the optimization of radian data, reduces the amount of wheel rolling deformation, reduces metal fatigue, and improves the life of the wheel.

Reflecting the high quality of the wheel hub and the need for the wheel's mechanical properties to meet the standards, the Jihoo wheel series uses more stringent mms standards and passes six performance tests to further increase each test limit to further improve the wheel's fatigue resistance and resistance. Impact performance improves the safety of Jihoo wheel products. For owners who use larger wheels or low-flat-ratio tires, the most commonly encountered is the deformation of the wheel when passing through potholes or impacts. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to strengthen the process. Jihoo uses powerful technology Optimize the force, improve the impact resistance of the wheel hub, reduce the possibility of wheel hub deformation, and greatly improve the driving safety.If you want to see more wheels, you can click china wheel.

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