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Analysis of the development status of Chinese aluminum wheel industry



Aluminum wheels, also known as aluminum rings or aluminum wheels, are made of aluminum alloy with a lower density. Compared with steel car wheels, the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels are obvious. Firstly, the density of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is small, which can reduce the overall vehicle quality by 10%. Secondly, under the same conditions, the heat dissipation performance of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is better than that of the steel wheel hub; finally, the aluminum alloy wheel hub has various colors and exquisite appearance.

Analysis of the advantages of automotive aluminum wheels

Low density
Compared with steel car wheels, the advantages of aluminum wheels are obvious: the density is small, about 1/3 of steel, which means that the same volume of aluminum wheels will be 2/3 lighter than steel wheels. Statistics show that the overall vehicle quality is reduced by 10%, and fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% to 8%. Therefore, the promotion of aluminum wheels is of great significance for energy saving, low carbon life.

Excellent heat dissipation performance
Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity and steel has a low thermal conductivity, so under the same conditions, aluminum wheels have better heat dissipation than steel wheels.

Stylish and beautiful
The aluminum alloy can be aged and strengthened, and the aluminum wheel slab without aging treatment has low strength, is easy to be processed, and has a variety of colors and exquisite appearance after being treated with corrosion resistance and painted and colored.

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    The annual sales volume of Chinese automobiles increased from 23.49 million in 2014 to 28.08 million in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 4%. At the same time, the number of car ownership in China increased from 83.07 million in 2014 to 134.51 million in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 10%. Since 2019, due to a certain degree of decline in Chinese auto consumer market, Chinese auto sales growth rate and growth rate are expected to decline. It is predicted that the annual sales volume of Chinese autos in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will be 2,864.22, 2,291.51 and 2,297.94 respectively. Ten thousand vehicles; the number of cars is 14124, 14830, and 157.71 million.

Chinese annual sales volume and quantity of automobiles

    The aluminum alloy wheel market is divided into the whole vehicle market (OEM market) and the retail market (AM) market. According to the loading rate of aluminum alloy wheels of 70%, each vehicle is equipped with 5 wheels, and the AM market wheel renewal rate is 2%. In 2019-2021, the demand for Chinese aluminum alloy wheels was 1.11, 1.14 and 116 million respectively.

Chinese aluminum alloy wheel demand

    According to the data, in 2018, the output of Chinese aluminum alloy wheels was 109 million, accounting for 30% of the world. It is predicted that the total output of global aluminum alloy wheels from 2019 to 2020 will be 3.80, 3.85, and 399 million, respectively, corresponding to Chinese output of 1.14, 1.16, and 120 million. It is expected that the supply and demand of Chinese aluminum alloy wheel market will remain basically the same in the next three years.

2018 global aluminum alloy wheel supply structure


Global aluminum alloy wheel production

    With the rise of Chinese automotive aluminum wheel industry, China has gradually grown into a global automotive aluminum wheel manufacturing center. While meeting the needs of the Chinese market, local companies have begun to increase their distribution to the international market, with a slight increase in export volume and export value. According to the data, in 2018, Chinese automobile aluminum wheels were exported to 173 countries and regions, with a total export volume of 994,100 tons. The total export value was 4.738 billion US dollars, up 7.3% and 10.4% year-on-year respectively.

Exports of Chinese automotive aluminum wheel industry in 2013-2018 (unit: 10,000 tons, US$100 million)

Industry development towards lean, large-scale, internationalization

    First of all, lean will become one of the important trends in the development of automotive aluminum wheel industry. With the advancement of technology, the division of labor of auto parts is becoming more and more refined, and the production scale of aluminum automobile hubs in China is generally small. This requires that any production enterprise must have one or two fine technologies. Start to shape your fist products, not to bloom. In the future, we need to focus on the advantages of resources, focus on the development of specialized technologies, strive to work hard on product quality, and improve the high level of technical level, so that it meets the global procurement standards of vehicle manufacturers.

    Second, scale will also become the main direction of the development of automotive aluminum wheel industry. Automobile aluminum wheel manufacturing enterprises should be large-scale, on the one hand, they can cooperate with foreign advanced enterprises, use their advanced technology and global sales channels to achieve large-scale production; on the other hand, cooperate with automobile companies to jointly develop lightweight automobile wheels and enterprises Big and strong.

    Finally, further internationalization. Chinese huge market for automotive aluminum wheel industry has made China a global aluminum wheel hub manufacturing country, and there is a comparative advantage in the global market. Therefore, Chinese automotive aluminum wheel industry must keep pace with the international market, seize opportunities and further participate in international competition. To create a unique brand and independent intellectual property rights in China, and strive to be in a leading position in the industry.

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