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16 inch aluminum alloy wheel features and advantages


16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, as the name suggests, are 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, mainly used in related industries such as automobiles, aluminum alloy wheels, especially 16 inch alloy wheels, which have won more and more private customers because of their beautiful appearance, safety and comfort. The favor of the owner. Almost all new models now use aluminum wheels, and many owners have replaced the wheels used in the original with aluminum wheels.

Safety of 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels: For high-speed cars, high-temperature punctures due to wheel deformation and braking, and reduced braking efficiency are common. The thermal conductivity of aluminum-plated gold is three times larger than that of steel and iron. The heat dissipation effect is naturally much better, which enhances the braking efficiency, improves the service life of the tires and brake discs, and effectively ensures the safe driving of the vehicle.

Comfort of 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels: Cars with aluminum wheels generally use radial tires. The cushioning and shock absorbing performance of radial tires is superior to that of ordinary tires. In this way, the comfort of the car will be greatly improved when it is on an uneven road or at a high speed.

Energy saving of 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels: Since the aluminum wheels are light in weight (about 2kg from the same specifications of aluminum or steel wheels) and have high manufacturing precision, they have small deformation and low inertia resistance at high speed. This is beneficial to improve the straight running performance of the car and reduce the rolling resistance of the tire, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Advantages and disadvantages of using aluminum wheel modification: The aluminum wheel hub for automobile is made of aluminum alloy, and its production process is divided into casting and forging.

Aluminum wheels including 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels are divided into the following four characteristics:

1 Improve the comfort of driving. The aluminum wheel hub has the metal characteristics of absorbing vibration and rebounding force. The dimensional accuracy of the CNC machine tool, high roundness, small yaw and good balance make the car run smoothly and comfortably.
2 Normal driving, saving fuel. Due to the weight of the aluminum wheel, the four-wheel rotation inertia is reduced, the acceleration of the car is improved, and the braking energy demand is relatively reduced, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
3 Improve the safety of driving. The aluminum wheel has a temperature coefficient of two to three times that of ordinary steel wheels. Together with the structural characteristics of aluminum wheels, it is easy to dissipate the heat generated by the tire and brake system in the air. Even in the case of continuous braking in long driving, the wheel system can maintain proper temperature.
4 Improve the beauty of the whole car. The aluminum wheel has a beautiful design and diversified shapes, which can make the car and the hub are perfect, and improve the aesthetics of the whole car.
5 Improve driving stability. Tire widened to improve grip, braking performance, and effectively improve the handling and driving pleasure of driving.

From the above description, the main features of China's 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels: aluminum wheels are one-piece, two-piece and three-piece. To reduce the quality, many three-piece aluminum wheels use forged parts. The main use of 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels is also used in the manufacture and processing of heavy industries such as automobiles. The technological advancement of 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels will further promote the further development of the Chinese automotive industry and even the entire heavy industry.

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