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What is the difference between a spin-cast wheel hub and a forged wheel hub?


Casting Wheel: It is the process of smelting metal into a liquid that meets certain requirements and pouring it into a mold. After cooling and solidifying and finishing, a casting (part or blank) with a predetermined shape, size and performance is obtained. Basic technology of modern machinery manufacturing industry.

Forging Wheel: It is a processing method that uses a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to plastically deform it to obtain a forged piece with certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size.


Because the production process of forging is much more than that of low-pressure forging, compared with the forged wheel, the metallurgical structure of the forged wheel is broken grain and forged structure, and the latter is dendritic grain and as-cast structure. In terms of individual mechanical performance indicators, the general increase of forging is 30% -50%, and individual indicators are several times higher. Therefore, wheels of the same type are usually more expensive to forge than low-pressure cast.

2. Appearance

Regardless of whether it is a cast or forged wheel hub, after going through various processes, it is difficult to see much difference in appearance if it is not marked, but usually forged wheel hub spokes are generally simpler and finer.

3. Performance

Wheels made from low-pressure castings are filled and solidified under pressure, so they have good filling properties, less shrinkage of castings, and high compactness. Forged wheels, because the grain flow direction of the wheel is consistent with the direction of the force, so the strength is usually relatively High, toughness and fatigue strength are also significantly better than cast wheels.

There are three factors to consider when choosing a wheel.

1. size

Don't blindly enlarge the wheel. Some people increase the wheel hub to improve the performance of the car. Under the condition that the outer diameter of the tire is unchanged, the large wheel hub must be matched with a wide and flat tire. Passing by. However, the flatter the tire, the thinner its thickness, the worse the shock absorption performance, and the greater the sacrifices in terms of comfort.

In addition, tires are easily damaged if there are roadblocks such as stones. Therefore, the cost of blindly increasing the wheel hub cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, it is most appropriate to increase the size by one or two according to the size of the original wheel hub.


This means that when choosing, you can't choose the shape you like, and follow the advice of the technician to consider whether these three distances are suitable.

3. shape

The complex and dense wheel hub is indeed beautiful and looks good, but it is easy to be refused or overcharged when washing the car because it is too troublesome to wash. The simple wheels are instead dynamic and clean. Compared with the iron cast wheels in the past, the aluminum alloy wheels now deeply rooted in people ’s hearts have greatly improved the deformation resistance, greatly reduced the weight, reduced the vehicle power loss, ran fast, saved fuel and provided good heat dissipation. Favorite.

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