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Why are spinning wheels stronger than cast wheels?



Features of spin-casting wheel hub: It integrates a variety of process features such as forging, extrusion, stretching, bending, ring rolling, cross rolling and rolling extrusion. The cast product has the advantages of high quality, good flexibility and light weight. The spin-formed hub can maintain the denseness of the metal and the dynamic balance of the entire hub. While the hub has sufficient rigidity, it can significantly reduce the thickness of the material and make the hub lighter and more durable. Compared with ordinary aluminum alloy wheels produced by low-pressure casting, the weight of wheels of the same size can be reduced by 15%.

Comparison between spinning technology and other casting technologies
Gravity casting is a relatively primitive casting process, which is to melt the molten metal liquid into the wheel mold by its own gravity, cool the liquid after filling the entire mold, and then leave the factory after processing.

Such a manufacturing method is simple and low in cost, but because it is filled by the gravity of the liquid itself, defects are easy to occur. For example, there will be bubbles in the wheel hub, causing uneven force on the wheel hub and easy to break.
Low pressure casting has gradually replaced the gravity casting technology. Metal liquid is poured into the mold by applying pressure through the equipment. In the process, a constant pressure has been maintained. While ensuring the density of the metal liquid, it also ensures the strength of the metal after solidification. .
And the low-pressure casting process is all completed by machinery, and the casting yield is high, which is very suitable for mass production. Therefore, the cast aluminum alloy wheels specified by automobile manufacturers are all produced by this process.
The spinning casting technology evolved from the casting technology. The roughened wheel hub after the casting is processed, and the rim part is mainly subjected to rotary stamping. During this process, the rim part is heated and the rotary knife is rotated to rotate the rim. Gradually elongated and thinned.
At this time, the metal molecules inside the rim are arranged more closely, so the metal strength here is higher.

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