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Chinese aluminum wheel market demand is gradually expanding



Automotive wheel hubs are one of the important automotive parts that affects the load-bearing capacity, driving performance, and aesthetics of automobiles. Aluminum wheels are light in weight, fast in heat dissipation, good in shock absorption, safe and reliable, and easy to manufacture. In the automobile industry's trend of pursuing lightweight vehicle bodies, aluminum wheels have gradually replaced traditional steel wheels as the material of choice for automobile wheels due to their advantages.
According to the "2018-2022 China Automotive Aluminum Wheel Market Feasibility Study Report" released by the Industry Research Center, in 2017, China's auto sales reached 28.879 million units, a year-on-year increase of 3.0%; as of June 2018, China's car ownership reached 230 million vehicles. China's car ownership is increasing, and sales are growing. Benefiting from the stability of the automotive industry market, Chinese aluminum wheel industry has ushered in opportunities.
The aluminum wheel industry chain is relatively simple. The upstream raw materials are mainly aluminum alloys. The cost of aluminum alloys in aluminum wheel manufacturing accounts for 60% -70%. The downstream demand markets are mainly the automotive manufacturing market (OEM market) and the automotive aftermarket (AM market). In China's aluminum wheel market, the output of the upstream raw material aluminum alloy can meet the production requirements of the aluminum wheel industry, ensuring the stable development of the aluminum wheel industry.
There are more aluminum wheel manufacturers in China, with more than 300. In the automotive manufacturing market, automobile manufacturers have higher requirements on the size, technology research and development capabilities, product quality, and timeliness of aluminum wheel companies. Therefore, aluminum wheel companies that supply the automotive manufacturing industry basically have large production scales in the industry, Large enterprises with high technical level.
Among the more than 300 aluminum wheel manufacturing companies, there are many small companies. The larger part of these companies provides foundry services for international and domestic brand products. The technology level is weak, the company is small, and the profit is low. The products are mainly supplied to the automotive aftermarket maintenance market. . Aluminum wheels are not easy to damage, and the after-sales service is mainly the need for modification and replacement. Compared with the international market, Chinese after-sales service market has not yet reached the mature stage. Therefore, these companies are mainly focused on the competition for overseas AM market share.
Some small aluminum wheel enterprises do not have independent R & D and innovation capabilities. The products mainly rely on imitation and the product quality is low. Under the environment of increasingly high-quality and branded market demand, these enterprises will face the crisis of elimination. From this point of view, the concentration of aluminum wheel industry in China is relatively low, there are fewer production companies with technology and strength, and more foundry companies. The industrial structure still needs to be continuously adjusted and optimized.
Industry researchers said that with the lightweight development of automobiles, the demand for aluminum wheels has continued to increase. In the global market, the production of aluminum wheels has grown at an annual rate of 8%, and China's automobile manufacturing businesses have also chosen more aluminum wheel materials. The continuous increase of China's automobile ownership has brought good development prospects to the aluminum wheel hub market in China. In Chinese aluminum wheel industry, there are relatively few companies with relatively high technological level and strong strength. There are many small-scale enterprises lacking R & D and innovation capabilities, and the industrial structure still needs to be adjusted.

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