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Do you have any mastery of the daily maintenance of the car's wheels?


Wheel: Also called the rim. English RIM, the meaning of the wheel hub. Popularly speaking, it is the part of the wheel center where the axle is mounted. It is an important part that connects the brake drum (or brake disc), the wheel and the axle. It is fitted with a bearing on the shaft tube or knuckle journal.

the daily maintenance of the car’s wheels

The wheel hub is mainly divided into casting and forging from the manufacturing process. Generally, the casting ring is aluminum, and the forged ring is made of aluminum, and titanium is added. In general, the strength of the forging ring is large, the forged ring is used in the racing car. The first forging ring used in the racing car is equivalent to half the weight of our ordinary casting ring. The lighter the weight, the smaller the power loss of the car and the faster it runs.

Another distinguishing indicator of the hub is the difference between the pitch and the eccentricity. The hole pitch is simply the position of the screw, and the eccentricity is the distance from the surface (fixed surface) of the hub for the screw to the centerline of the hub. The requirements for a good wheel hub are: uniform density, round shape, low thermal deformation and high strength.

The wheel hub can be upgraded. Some people upgrade their car with a larger wheel, but the outer diameter of the tire does not change, the flatness of the tire becomes larger, the lateral swing of the car is smaller, and the stability is improved, but the car What is lost is comfort.

The combination of the tire and the wheel, for a car, is like the matching of clothes and shoes, and it can be complemented.

Most of the wheels of premium cars are made of aluminum alloy. This kind of wheel looks beautiful, but it is also very delicate. To maintain the beautiful appearance of the hub, in addition to the extra care during the driving process to prevent accidental damage to the hub, the hub should be maintained and maintained regularly. Thorough cleaning should be done once a week if there is time.

1. Wash off the sand adhering to the surface of the hub and the dirt that easily damages the hub. Otherwise, the surface of the alloy will be corroded and damaged.

2. Treat the inner and outer surfaces of the hub with an acid-proof cleaner. It is best to wax the hub once every 2 months to extend the life of the hub.

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