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Car modification is increasingly recognized by car owners. Gradually, there are also many "modified madmen". Speaking of the modification, most riders will think of changing the wheel hub. Wheel modification can be said to be an entry level for car modification, but it is an important part of driving safety. Therefore, the owners should also be careful when selecting.

The high imitation products made by the small cottages on the market are quite expressive in appearance. These products are just the same as the appearance of the famous manufacturers, but there is no guarantee from the strength of the hub to the safety factor, but the sales volume is several times or even dozens of times that of the big manufacturers. The riders who buy these wheels are generally not familiar with the conversion profession or have just entered the modification circle. Their needs are cheap and beautiful, but they often do not consider the very important issue of safety. If the result of the problem is not illusory. The owners who choose famous brands are mostly car owners in this circle for a while, and some of these brands of enthusiasts or economically more car owners, the price of the brand wheel is not all People can afford it.

Different models, the selection of the wheel should be different, do not think what kind of wheel can be replaced with what kind of wheel. The wheels are mainly divided into steel wheels, aluminum alloy wheels and magnesium alloy wheels. The steel wheels are the heaviest and the cheapest, the aluminum wheels are lighter than the steel wheels, and the magnesium alloy wheels are lighter and softer. Speed ​​up the function is also better, but it is mainly used for racing cars. As long as the road conditions in Europe and America are excellent, the magnesium alloy wheels are used in civilian vehicles.

Use the adapted tire type: the promotion should be synchronized with the tire. When the wheel is modified, it must be noticed to advance with the tire, because the size of the tire itself is closely related to the size of the wheel. Some car owners will choose second-hand tires. It is a kind of unwise behavior. The second-hand tire texture and the number of life are more than the new tires, which is bound to be dangerous for driving safety. Therefore, new tires should be selected for the promotion of the wheels;

The wheel hub is large, and the brakes and shock absorbers must also be adjusted. In the modification process, in addition to considering the modification limit [refers not to the steering wheel control, do not touch the shock absorber and fender when walking], the modified shock absorber is the best. Matching. A good shock absorber can reduce the metal fatigue caused by the bumps on the ground and enhance the stability of the suspension. A well-functioning shock absorber can lower the center of gravity of the car, making the vehicle more stable in straight and curved directions. The cooperative tire has better grip and gives the driver a sensitive controllability.

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