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Analysis of the current situation of Chinese automobile wheel industry market


The hub is increasingly fascinating as the exterior of the vehicle is very decorative. Characteristic wheels are also becoming more and more popular, and the wheels have become a hot-selling product in the modified stores.
As long as the development of China's wheel industry is only 20 years old, it is a new type of car parts industry, but it is developing very fast. In the process of rapid development, the problem will follow. The occupation is scattered, chaotic, and poor. At that time, there were not many production enterprises with an annual output of more than 2 million in China and a certain planned and stable shopping mall. As a high-input, high-output occupation, many companies have invested in aluminum wheel occupations, resulting in the continuous reshuffle of occupations. The competition in domestic aluminum wheel shopping malls is fierce. Through the joint venture, cooperation, annexation and reorganization, etc., the integration of professional resources, constitute a strategic alliance, complement each other's advantages and disadvantages, and improve competitiveness, is the trend of the future of the profession.
The wheel hub occupation is a profession that integrates funds, labor, and technology intensively. The technology span is relatively large, and the process control has certain difficulty. Under such a scenario, the industry should minimize the logistics cost, produce and sell regionalized, in order to facilitate supply, reduce the pressure on liquidity, and gradually present a regionalized format for production and sales around the vehicle manufacturers. Together, we must accelerate the localization of China's aluminum wheel production equipment. At that time, many foreign companies were rushing to arrange China's wheel hub shopping malls. Domestic enterprises only need to form a strong aluminum wheel hub product technology development ability, and take the path of production, development, and research and innovation, and they will not be eaten by foreign companies.
According to the “2014-2017 China Car Wheel Shopping Mall Analysis and Investment Value Research Report” released by Shangpu Consulting, the wheel hub is still in the new occupation in China. The pressure of the cost has led to an increasingly fierce competition in the production of aluminum wheel hubs, and together they face a wide range of challenges. However, in general, with the change in consumer awareness and the advancement of consumption, the wheel career is still very promising.

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