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Method of properly washing the wheel


Speaking of car washing, we are no strangers, but after washing the car, the body is clean, the wheel? The wood is clean!

It can be seen by the naked eye. After washing the car, there are still some stains on the wheel hub. You can't get it down. If you ask the car beauty shop about it, they must say: "We have a project to clean the wheel hub." Unfortunately, this is not free. From the point of view of saving money, I still recommend that you do your own work.


In our previous program, I also mentioned the problem of wheel cleaning. The car teacher asked me at the time. If it was me, how to wash the wheel, I blurted out: Of course, it was washed with water!

The car teacher asked me again: Then you will wash with a toilet?

I am blind.

Then, I feel that my cultural level has dropped to zero in an instant, and you all bully me, don't ask me such a deep question.

Keke, we are returning to the question of washing the wheel hub.

Let's first say that the stain on the wheel that can't be washed off with water is awkward? In fact, it is the iron powder generated when the brake pads are rubbed, and the stains splashed on the road surface. It has not been easy to wash down after being stuck on the wheel for a long time.

There are many small partners on the Internet who have used the method of cleaning the wheels, such as toilet bowls, kitchen cleaners, and iron powder removers. Let's talk about which cleaning methods are better.

Method of properly washing the wheel

How to clean?

The cleaning tutorials that are viewed online are basically to directly spray or spray the cleaner onto the hub, then wait a few minutes and then wipe it off with a soft cloth or wash it off with water. If it is difficult to clean, we can use a small toothbrush to brush a brush in this area and then wash it with water.

1. Toilet spirit (the worst cleaning power)

However, the toilet spirit may be more powerful in brushing the toilet, but it is not very good at cleaning the wheel. Whether it is a hard smash or a rubbing effect is not particularly good, basically no use.

2. Kitchen cleaner (cleaning strength)

We all think that the decontamination ability of kitchen cleaners is very good, but what about the facts? In fact, the effect of the kitchen cleaner is really good. After spraying on the wheel for a few minutes and brushing the wheel hub, it can really remove the stubborn stains, such as the iron powder splashed onto the wheel hub. But the asphalt on the wheel can't be washed.

3. Iron powder scavenger (the best cleaning power)

Iron powder scavenger can be said to be the best used in all the above cleaning products, and it is also the best. Because many of the stains splashed onto the hub are iron powder, the iron powder scavenger dissolves it well. A few minutes after spraying the scavenger, it was washed away with water and the hub became completely new. P.S. Its dissolution process is very good, because the iron powder will react with the scavenger, so the foam will be purple!

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