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What should I do if the aluminum wheel hub is scratched?


1, first clean the aluminum wheel

First of all, the hub should be cleaned so that it is easy to check all the scratches, the depth of the scratches, whether the hub is broken, etc. There is no way to repair the cracks, deformations or completely broken hubs on the hub surface, if your hub is not broken and Deformation can be repaired. After cleaning the hub, wipe it with a towel. After cleaning, use a wax paper to clean the wheel.

2, painting and oiling

After smoothing the putty, we have to repaint the aluminum wheels. But before painting, we should use the old newspaper to isolate the edge of the wheel and avoid the spray getting on the tire. Then align the wheel spray with the putty applied in the previous step and gently spray it back and forth a few times. In this way, the entire step of repairing the scraping wheel is completed, very simple, everyone can try it next time.

3, fill the wheel scratches

Because the wheel is scratched in a very rough place, it must be smoothed with fine sandpaper. First, sand the surface with water sandpaper, polish it until it is smooth, then apply the ash evenly. It can be applied in multiple times, and the application time is 5-10 minutes, so that the putty can be fully dried. If you feel a little hairy, you can continue to sand it to smooth.

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