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What are the symptoms of the hub bearing?


The tire bearing is broken, the car runs up and the wheel sways, and the vehicle's jitter is intensified and an abnormal noise occurs. The rolling is not smooth, resulting in a decrease in power. It is recommended to replace it.

The method to judge the tire bearing is broken:

1. Open the window and hear if the sound comes from outside the car;

2. After increasing the speed (when the noise is loud), the gear position is in the neutral position to let the vehicle slide, and observe whether the noise comes from the engine. If the noise does not change when the neutral gear slides, most of the wheel bearings have problems;

3. Temporary parking, get off and check if the temperature of the axle is normal. The method is: touch the four wheels by hand and feel the temperature is consistent. (When the brake shoes and the gap are normal, the temperature of the front and rear wheels is The gap, the front wheel should be high), if you feel the difference is not big, you can continue to drive slowly to the repair station;

4. Raise the car with the lift (previously release the handbrake and hang the neutral). When there is no lift, the jack can be used to raise the wheel one by one. The manpower will rotate the four wheels quickly. When the problematic axle is encountered, it will make a sound. It is completely different from other axles. It is easy to tell which axle has a problem with this method.

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