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How to extend the service life of car wheels


In the daily use of the car, the car wheel is closer to the ground, which is one of the more easily damaged car parts. In addition to daily wear and tear, as long as we pay attention to the daily maintenance of the hub, it can also extend the life of the hub. Today, Xiaobian will talk to you about how to extend the service life of car wheels.

First, the driving habits meet the scientific requirements, to choose a good road route, avoid sharp stones, glass, metal and other tires that may be punctured and scratched, to avoid chemical adhesion to the tires, to avoid corrosion of the tires; driving in the crown When the road surface is large, it is necessary to drive the center as much as possible to avoid and reduce the shift of the center of gravity of the car, and reduce the load on one side of the tire to increase the uneven wear of the tire.

Second, when washing the car, cleaning the hub is an indispensable step to remove the water stains adhering to the hub, especially the use of cars in coastal areas, but also to avoid corrosion of the surrounding alkaline environment. Avoid using brighteners when cleaning the wheels to prevent chemicals from corroding the hub.

Third, the daily collision of the wheel hub is indispensable. If it is not repaired in time, the deep scratches left on the hub will be corroded, resulting in an increase in the damaged area, and even affecting the performance of the hub, directly affecting the service life of the hub.

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