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What is the difference between an aluminum alloy wheel and an iron wheel?



Now there are some new models on the market because of the low-profile models with iron wheels. Although these wheels can also handle daily use, the handling and aesthetics are really different from the aluminum alloy wheels. There are more and more styles of wheels on the market, and many consumers have the idea of ​​replacing iron wheels with aluminum wheels. Is this correct? What are the benefits of aluminum alloy wheels compared to iron wheels? How long can the new car be replaced with an aluminum alloy wheel?

the difference between an aluminum alloy wheel and an iron wheel

First, one of the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels compared to iron wheels is heat dissipation. First, the heat transfer coefficient of aluminum alloy is about three times larger than that of ordinary iron wheels. It is well known that tires and hubs generate a lot of heat when the car is driving. This heat can even affect the performance of the brakes if it accumulates on the hub. Causes wear of the brakes and the wheel tires. The aluminum alloy wheel will quickly transfer this heat into the air, which undoubtedly increases the safety factor of the vehicle.


Secondly, the weight of the aluminum alloy wheel will be about two kilograms lighter than the iron wheel, so the four aluminum alloy tires will be about eight kilograms lighter than the iron tires. It can contribute a lot to the handling of the car and is more flexible when turning or cornering. It can also reduce fuel consumption to a certain extent.


In addition, aluminum alloy wheels are also more aesthetically pleasing than iron wheels, and replacement of the same size of the hub is permitted on annual inspections. Since aluminum alloy wheels have much more advantages than iron wheels, it is recommended that owners can replace iron wheels with aluminum alloy wheels when they are new. Old wheels can also be sold to the used car accessories market or to an e-commerce second-hand trading platform, which is a good way to handle the wheel hub.

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