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Where is the aluminum alloy wheel? As long as the better car uses it



Nowadays, there are fewer cars using iron wheels on the tires. Most of the cars choose aluminum alloy wheels, and even if the car is expensive, it will not choose iron wheels, so from these aspects, the aluminum alloy The wheel is indeed better than the iron wheel, but where is the specific?


Today we will come to talk about their respective characteristics.

1, iron wheels

Let me first say the advantages, there are two iron wheels: cheaper and more flexible. An iron wheel change is also three or four hundred pieces, and the price difference between aluminum and aluminum alloy is a bit big. The iron wheel is flexible and can be repaired if it is deformed in one place. For example, when the road is on the side of the road, the contact between the wheel and the tire is deformed. It can be repaired by shaping, and it can be used for a while, but If there is a slow leak, it still needs to be replaced. Of course, the disadvantage is that the weight is too large, the appearance is generally not good, and it is more prone to deformation.


2, aluminum alloy wheels

This we first say the shortcomings: the price is expensive, if the edge is destroyed, it cannot be repaired.

The advantages are much more special, let's talk about it one by one:

1, looks good, looks and changes

2, the general middle and high with the car equipped, if you use it is very face

3, aluminum density is small, so the weight is bound to be lighter than the iron wheel hub

Because of the weight, there are several advantages:

(1) The car generally pursues lightweight, in fact, to reduce the unsprung mass (refers to the weight not supported by the car suspension system: tires, wheels, brakes. Correspondingly, Sprung Weight refers to the weight supported by the car suspension system, is The vast majority of car quality.) The reduction in unsprung mass is definitely not the simple matter, and the replacement of the wheel with aluminum is the easiest way.

(2) Acceleration performance will be improved. Just like a grinding disc, if it is heavy, it needs a larger amount to push, but if it is lighter, it only needs a little power to push, then the effect must be twice the result with half the effort.

(3) The pleasure and comfort of the operation will be improved. When the wheel hub is light, the inertia of the movement during driving will be reduced, the speed of various road conditions will be faster, the steering will be more light and labor-saving, the reaction will be more sensitive, and the pleasure of manipulation will increase. The vibration of the road surface will not be transmitted to the body, and the comfort is also improved.

(4) Reduced fuel consumption. Just like running, the weight of one kilogram tied to the body and running straight up is not the same, and this requires gasoline to run.

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