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Why choose aluminum alloy wheels and how to maintain them


1. Multi-piece aluminum wheel
The multi-piece aluminum hub is available in two-piece and three-piece versions. The parts of the hub are made by forging and spinning, respectively, and then joined by titanium bolts. These products are light in weight and strong.
High, superior performance, but expensive, currently used for all types of championship cars and high-end luxury cars. In all kinds of car races around the world, whether it is a car or a motorcycle, under any conditions, the vehicle can be accelerated from zero to 100km/h in just 3 seconds, so the wheel needs to be on the track. Capable of withstanding the effects of temperature rise due to extremely high lateral acceleration, extremely high operating speeds and harsh conditions, as well as the temperature rise caused by the intense wear of the tires, multi-piece aluminum wheels in this environment Withstood the test of all kinds of hard environments. Despite the light weight of the product, due to the advanced manufacturing technology, the structural strength of the product is high, and the multi-piece combination gives a thick and solid feeling.
2. One-piece racing aluminum wheel
Motor racing is a test of the entire vehicle technology, and the wheels are subject to a variety of difficult environments. F1 racing requires a one-piece wheel. In order to ensure the performance of the hub and the weight reduction requirements of the vehicle, it is usually formed by forging and re-spinning to ensure high performance and light weight of the product. Compared with cast aluminum wheels, its mechanical properties are improved by more than 18%, and the quality is reduced by about 20%. F1 motorsport is one of the most popular races, and the wheels are able to withstand the extreme operating conditions due to extremely high lateral acceleration, extremely high operating speeds and harsh conditions on the track, as well as strong tyres. The effects of the temperature rise caused by wear and tear, these one-piece aluminum wheels specially designed for F1 racing, have withstood the test of various difficult environments.
3. One-piece automotive aluminum wheel
Although the requirements for safety, environmental protection, energy saving, comfort, and aesthetics of automobiles are constantly improving, the aluminum wheels of passenger cars are not like the performance requirements of racing cars.
Demanding, integral low-pressure cast aluminum wheels are sufficient to meet their performance requirements, but passenger cars pay more attention to the appearance and aesthetics of aluminum wheels. Affected by motorsports and energy-saving and aesthetic requirements, automotive aluminum wheels are also changing. The more sporty large-diameter, flexible spoke aluminum wheel design and lightweight aluminum wheel design are the main development trends of automotive aluminum wheels. The direction of pursuit. The traditional aluminum wheel design can be seen on the road at any time. Needless to say here, here are some kinds of fashionable aluminum wheel hubs. These types of aluminum wheels are characterized by soft spokes and large size in shape and structure. Lightweight, representing the development trend of aluminum wheels, narrow spokes provide a wide space between spokes, ensuring good cooling of the brake disc and improved safety.
4. Built-in air aluminum wheel
In order to minimize the quality of the hub, a new concept of the new lightweight aluminum wheel hub - built-in air aluminum hub came into being, further reducing the quality of the hub through the cavity technology. The aluminum hub has a one-piece and two-piece combination. The one-piece internal air-aluminum hub uses a cavity technology to make all the spokes of the hub and the inner and outer shoulders of the rim into a cavity, which greatly reduces the size. The quality of the wheel hub is 20% less than that of the same-structure aluminum wheel, and the performance is greatly improved. The two-piece integrated air-aluminum wheel hub is used to make the inner shoulder of the wheel rim into a cavity. , greatly reducing the quality of the hub, reducing the weight by 5% compared with the same structure of the aluminum wheel, improving the performance of the product. This type of aluminum hub uses a cast blank to create a cavity using a spinning process.
5. Color
In order to enhance the external beauty of aluminum wheels, and also for environmental protection (production process and finished products), traditional paint coating technology and electroplating technology will be gradually reduced.
Instead, water and powder coating technology is used. The appearance of the aluminum wheel is fully reflected by the painting. At present, the more fashionable colors are fine silver, bright smoky gray and sports silver. At the same time, the spokes are polished and the wheels are polished, and the surface of the transparent metal powder is brightly colored. The appearance can replace the electroplating, which fully reflects the environmental protection, exquisiteness and fashion temperament of the product.

Maintenance method

1. When the temperature of the hub is high, it should be cleaned naturally and then cleaned. Never wash it with cold water. Otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel hub will be damaged, and even the brake disc will be deformed to affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminum alloy wheel hub with a cleaning agent at a high temperature causes a chemical reaction on the surface of the hub, which loses luster and affects the appearance.

2. When the hub is covered with hard-to-remove tar, if the general cleaning agent does not help, try to remove it with a brush, but do not use a hard brush, especially an iron brush, to avoid damaging the hub surface. Here, the private car owners are introduced to a remedy for the removal of tar, that is, the use of medicinal "active oil" rubbing, can obtain unexpected results.
3. If the area where the vehicle is located is wet or close to the waterfront,
The hub should be cleaned to avoid corrosion of the aluminum surface by salt.
4. After cleaning, if necessary, the hub can be waxed and maintained to keep its luster forever.

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