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Aluminum alloy wheel plating process



This year's exhibitions across the country saw that many of the electroplating additive manufacturers had one or two polished aluminum wheels on the booth. As we all know, because aluminum wheel plating involves complicated processes and uses a variety of brighteners and additives, its finished product is a sign that shows the level of the enterprise. With the booming automotive industry, the plating output of the hub will increase dramatically. At this time, it depends on who can grasp this opportunity, do its articles, and become its master.

Aluminum alloy wheel plating before and after plating

1. Automatic wax removal process: hanging ~ wax removal 1 → wax removal 2 → wax removal 3 (ultrasonic) → wax removal 4 (ultrasonic) → hot water washing (single tank) → double tank countercurrent washing →Hanging→test

2. Automatic blank zinc immersion-copper plating process: pre-plated nickel-cleaning-activated-acid copper

3. Automatic multi-layer nickel wire electroplating process: ultrasonic wax removal (manual) → inspection → hanging up → ultrasonic wax removal → hot dip and oil removal → film removal → cathodic electrolysis (alkaline) → activation → semi-gloss nickel → high sulfur Nickel → full bright nickel → under hanging → inspection

4. Automatic chrome plating process: top-mounted → auxiliary anode → cathodic electrolysis (alkaline) → acid salt activation → decorative chromium → chromium recovery → neutralization → water washing → hot water washing → lower hanging → hot water washing → inspection → packaging
The above 4 points are the basic flow of aluminum alloy wheel plating

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