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How to fix aluminum alloy wheel scratches?


When it comes to the maintenance of the car, the owners often think of the car paint and the launcher first, and the wheel hub is the most easily overlooked center. But know that the visual impression of the wheel's appearance is the first. It is this seemingly inconspicuous center that can properly reveal the taste of the owner, so don't ignore the wheel repair when equipped with a car.
When there are stains on the outer surface of the wheel that are difficult to remove, use a professional cleaning agent, which can remove stains gently and effectively, and reduce the damage to the appearance of the aluminum alloy. In addition, the wheel itself has a layer of metal maintenance film, so pay special attention to the use of paint brighteners or other abrasive materials. Also be careful during the driving process to prevent the "hard injury" caused by the scraping of the wheel. Once scratches or deformations, stop repairing and repainting as soon as possible.

How to fix the scratches on the aluminum alloy wheels?
There are six steps to the detailed steps of patching:

The first step is to check the wheel hub flaws. If it is not damaged to the inside of the hub, it can be easily repaired. Apply paint dilution to wipe the scars and remove dirt.

In the second step, it is very difficult to remove the dirt in the deepest part of the scratch. At this time, it can be cleaned thoroughly with a toothpick;

Step 3: In order to avoid accidentally applying unrelated parts to the paint, it is best to carefully stick the adhesive tape around the scars;

The fourth step is to arrange the tip of the brush and apply the lacquer. After the lacquer is dry, it will shrink slightly. It is best to spread it slightly.

In the fifth step, after painting, it takes about one week to complete the boring. After boring, apply with soapy water on a water-resistant paper to make the appearance smooth;

In the sixth step, after rubbing with water-resistant paper, the mixture is wiped out with light, and then waxed.
If you encounter deep scars, the key point is to see if the metal surface can be revealed. If you can't see the metal surface, it will not rust. You can concentrate on the intestine and apply the modified paint. Use a nib to pick up the spot and wait until the paint is completely dry. To prevent such a phenomenon, the car should be diligently flushing the rim when it is used at the beginning. The vehicle that is driven every day should wash the rim at least once a week. After flushing with clean water, brush it with a detergent. Then rinse with plenty of water.
Daily maintenance is also essential. When the temperature of the wheel repair is high, it should be allowed to cool naturally before stopping the cleaning. Never use cold water to clean it; otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel will be damaged and repaired. The disc is deformed to affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminum platform gold wheel with a cleaning agent at high temperatures will cause a chemical reaction on the outer surface of the wheel, which will lose its luster and affect the appearance. When the wheel is covered with hard-to-clean tar, if the ordinary cleaning agent does not help, you can use a brush to try to clear it, but do not use a hard brush, especially an iron brush, to avoid damage to the outer surface of the wheel. Some experts have introduced a recipe for clearing tar: that is, using medicinal "active oil" to rub, can achieve unexpected results, car owners may wish to give it a try. In addition, when the vehicle's location is close to the waterfront, the hub should be cleaned to prevent corrosion of the aluminum surface.

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