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Want to change the wheel hub, you have to know this knowledge!



Although the original wheel hub is more and more beautiful, no matter the shape or the craft, the wheel hub modification manufacturer can always give more choices, so many car owners still choose to change the wheel hub.

However, the modification of the wheel hub is not just a simple replacement of B, which is related to the safety factors such as the suspension, braking and even the wheel positioning angle of the whole vehicle. So, what do you need to consider when modifying the hub?

The first step:

First of all, according to the size of the original wheel hub to determine the size of the wheel to be modified and PCD, ET value, J value and other data, it is generally recommended to be larger than the original size of 1-2. Comfort of 3 inches or more will be reduced, fuel consumption will increase significantly, and the roof and frame may be damaged.


At this time, the car brake system upgrade should also be taken into consideration, because both the size and volume of the brake disc and the caliper will have a decisive influence on the appropriate parameters of the hub.


Of course, the tires must be determined from the beginning, because the tires are not customizable, so when determining the wheel data, it is necessary to see if there are suitable tires.


The second step:

After determining the size, determine the brand and wheel technology according to your budget. Casting wheels are generally cheaper and available in stock, but they are inferior in strength compared to forged wheels. Forged wheels are stronger and stronger than casting, more textured and beautiful, reliable in quality, customizable, and fully personalized. However, the production cycle is long and the price is high. Just like our APSPEED wheels, all products are custom made according to the owner's requirements.


Forged wheels are very versatile

The third step:

Once you have determined the wheel brand and size, find the regular dealer or agent of the brand. Now the wheel brand channels are mixed, and all kinds of counterfeit cottage products are very safe for driving, so you must choose regular brands and dealer channels to buy.

Although the price of genuine wheels is high, but the so-called penny is a piece of goods, the wheel hub is a safety piece, and no strong team can not produce it. And when you buy a genuine wheel, you can buy not only a favorite wheel, but also a guarantee. Because regular wheel manufacturers or shopping platforms have strict quality control system and reassuring after-sales service.


The fourth step:

After the arrival of the hub, first check the package for damage and check if the wheel data on the package matches the model. After checking the correct, the unloaded wheel hub will be installed on the car, check whether the wheel hub hole distance is correct, whether it interferes with the brakes and the shock absorber, and then start the tire loading after confirming the error.


After such a process, it is considered that the wheel modification has been completed.

Although the process is a bit long and complicated, how important a pair of beautiful big feet is. When the favorite wheel is safely and smoothly installed in the car, you will find that it is worthwhile.

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