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Perhaps not every driver has a vehicle modification, but four-wheel alignment is an indispensable part of every car! Especially for the riders who modify the wheels and tires, it is necessary to do this work. The so-called four-wheel alignment is to adjust the angle between the various parts of the chassis, and these angles are located in the suspension system, and the relative angle between the moving parts, the angle setting is more precise, to ensure that the tire is tightly engaged with the ground. Reduce the tire's improper wear and eating, and it is more stable when turning. In addition to improving the steering performance of the vehicle, the four-wheel alignment also ensures the recovery of the steering system from the right and left back. This is the steering wheel feedback force, which avoids the bearing being damaged due to improper force and the original precision.

As for why you need four wheel alignment? Mainly because of the angle of the chassis structure, it is a combination of many metal and rubber parts. It is easy to have mechanical inertia when these parts and connectors are subjected to extra pressure caused by driving for a long time. Tired! Over time, it is easy to cause the position and angle of the steering and suspension system to be incorrect, the vehicle will lose its original stability and balance, and the four-wheel positioning is to measure the angle of error, as the basis for technician maintenance and adjustment. . Any part has its life cycle, and the accuracy of positioning will be affected as the age of the car increases. A car that is already on the road, of course, cannot have an accurate positioning angle like a new car unless you Spend a lot of money to replace all the chassis parts, that is another matter! If the chassis is loose, it is still simple. It can be corrected by four-wheel positioning. However, if the parts are faulty or damaged, the damaged parts must be repaired and replaced before positioning.

Toe Angle is defined as the angle at which the left and right wheels are deployed outward when viewed from above the vehicle body. When the leading edge of the tire is smaller than the trailing edge, it is "Toe-In". If the leading edge is larger than the trailing edge, it is "Toe-Out". This angle will greatly affect the straight line. Stability, when the setting angle is too large, there will be feathery wear marks on the edge of the tire.
Common angles for general adjustment of four-wheel alignment are: Camber, Toe-in/Out, and Caster. The most important part is the camber angle, which is defined as the angle between the centerline of the tire and the ground. This is the angle that the average rider calls “outer eight”. If the upper end of the tire protrudes from the mid-perpendicular line of the tire, the camber angle For the "positive" value, if the upper end of the tire is not centered, the value is "negative". Generally speaking, the camber angle on the independent suspension system acts to adjust the contact surface between the tire and the ground. When the load is large, the outer diameter is outside. The inclination angle tends to be negative, so in the four-wheel positioning, the camber angle of the empty vehicle state is usually set in a positive direction, so that the correct camber angle can be obtained when carrying passengers or articles.

The caster angle is defined as the angle of inclination of the front suspension when viewed from the side of the vehicle to the wheel. The more the angle is inclined, the stronger the stability of the vehicle going straight, and vice versa is beneficial to the sensitivity of the steering, and the two cannot be balanced. If the angles of the left and right wheels are inconsistent, the vehicle will be biased toward the side with a larger angle when going straight or stepping on the vehicle, which has a great adverse effect on driving safety.
Regardless of whether the owner is driving on a straight road or on a curve guide, the camber angle is very important, and when the Low-down is generally performed, the camber angle naturally increases toward a negative value, that is, the whole The car looks like it is lying on the ground. Generally, if the vehicle height is lowered, the angle of the camber of the front axle will become larger, and the visual effect or the suppression of the actual vehicle roll will be improved to a considerable extent, but the tire is required to be paid at this time. The wear rate will be fast, but it can be suppressed to a relatively small range through other angle adjustments. In the actual positioning operation, the adjustment method also depends on the design of the vehicle itself. difference. Finally, how long does the vehicle need to do a four-wheel alignment? In fact, depending on the actual use of the vehicle, the vehicle should be positioned at least once every six months. If the angle exceeds the allowable limit, the damaged parts should be adjusted or replaced to return to normal. The most common positioning requirement is that there is no collision of the vehicle. It is caused by the variation of Camber and Toe angle caused by long-term vibration, and the change of Caster caused by the raised pavement and the hole.

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