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What is a forged aluminum wheel?


Forged aluminum wheels refer to the industrial forging of aluminum wheels and are one of the important forms of industrial processing.

1 Forging aluminum wheel processing process includes: cutting the material into the required size, heating, forging, heat treatment, cleaning and inspection. In small manual forging, all of these operations are carried out by a few blacksmiths in the narrow place. They are exposed to the same harmful environmental and occupational hazards; in large forging workshops, the hazards vary from job to job. Working conditions: Although the working conditions vary depending on the form of forging, they have some common characteristics: moderate-intensity physical labor, dry and hot microclimate environment, noise and vibration, and air pollution by smoke.

2. Workers are exposed to high temperature air and heat radiation at the same time, causing heat to accumulate in the body. Heat and metabolic heat will cause heat loss and pathological changes. Air pollution: The air in the workplace may contain soot, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, or acrolein, depending on the type of fuel and the impurities contained in the furnace, as well as combustion efficiency, airflow and ventilation.

Noise and vibration: The hammer will inevitably produce low frequency noise and vibration, but it may also have a certain high frequency component with a sound pressure level between 95 and 115 decibels. Exposure of workers to forging vibrations can cause temperament and functional imbalances that can reduce work capacity and impact safety.

The aluminum wheel hub has won the favor of more and more private car owners with its beautiful appearance, safety and comfort. Almost all new models now use aluminum wheels, and many owners have replaced the wheels used in the original with aluminum wheels.

The main features of aluminum wheels: aluminum wheels are available in one-piece, two-piece and three-piece. The two-piece aluminum hub is welded or nailed from an inner piece and an outer piece. Be careful when welding, because welding two things does not necessarily guarantee roundness. The three-piece aluminum hub consists of a central part and two outer round pieces that are screwed together with aviation-grade screws. To reduce the quality, many three-piece aluminum wheels use forged parts. The three-piece structure provides greater flexibility for small batch manufacturing.

Safety: For high-speed cars, high-temperature punctures due to wheel deformation, braking, etc., and reduced braking efficiency are common. The thermal conductivity of aluminum-plated gold is three times larger than that of steel and iron. The heat dissipation effect is naturally much better, which enhances the braking efficiency, improves the service life of the tires and brake discs, and effectively ensures the safe driving of the vehicle.

Comfort: Cars with aluminum wheels are generally fitted with radial tires. The cushioning and shock absorbing performance of radial tires is superior to that of ordinary tires. In this way, the comfort of the car will be greatly improved when it is on an uneven road or at a high speed.

Energy saving: Since the aluminum hub is light in weight (about 2kg from the same specification of aluminum or steel hub) and has high manufacturing precision, it has small deformation and low inertia resistance at high speed. This is beneficial to improve the straight running performance of the car and reduce the rolling resistance of the tire, thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Advantages and disadvantages of using aluminum wheel modification: The aluminum wheel hub for automobile is made of aluminum alloy, and its production process is divided into casting and forging.

Forged aluminum wheels need to be about 2kg lighter than steel wheels. When the speed is 60km/h, it can save 5%-7%. In addition, it has fast heat dissipation, good shock absorption performance, long tire life, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance and rich patterns. Colorful, precise size, good balance and so on.

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