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Why not fix your aluminum alloy wheel?


    Recently, articles and advertisements about the repair of aluminum alloy wheels have been frequently seen, and some advertisements even claim to repair deformed and broken aluminum alloy wheels. So can the aluminum alloy wheel be repaired? We can tell you here responsibly, don't try to repair the wheel that has been deformed and broken. It is very dangerous to continue to use such a repairing wheel!

    Under normal circumstances, if your aluminum alloy wheel is deformed or broken, it must be caused by a strong external force caused by driving accidentally.

    According to the advertisement of the roadside shop, the crack or crack of the aluminum alloy wheel can be repaired by welding, but from a scientific point of view, the metal crystal structure at the weld joint after welding is completely different from the metal structure of the normal hub. The metal of the normal hub is cooled and crystallized in a molten state under a certain pressure, and then subjected to solid solution and effective treatment for quenching and tempering. However, welding is only a process of partial melting and solidification. After welding the hub, there must be weld stress at the weld. After a period of load operation, it is highly probable that fatigue cracks will occur in the high stress region of the hub. If it is found to be untimely, it may have serious consequences.

    Similarly, if your aluminum alloy wheel is deformed by external force, it will be restored to its original state by external force in the repair shop. Even if your wheel is in these two plastic deformations, it is fortunate that there are no small cracks that we can't find with the naked eye. The overall stress distribution of this hub has also undergone major changes with the original design, and it is also unpredictable that somewhere fatigue cracks occur, and then break.

    As for the scratches on the surface of the wheel, we suggest that small scratches are not necessary to deal with, because the scratches mainly appear on the front wheel and the right front wheel is mostly. If it is because of aesthetic reasons, then you can choose to use this wheel as a spare tire. . Aluminum has a characteristic that it is exposed to corrosive environments for a long time, and its surface will form a dense oxide protective film to prevent further oxidation of the body, so there is no need to worry about it being corroded. If the scratch is large, it is recommended to replace the hub, because the design of the hub is that the surface of the spoke does not protrude from the tire. If the surface of the hub can have a large scratch, it must have been hit by a small impact. For the reasons stated above, it is best to replace a new one. Regarding the precautions for replacing the hub, we will elaborate on another topic.

    In addition, there are advertisements that can re-turn the wheel hub for re-turning, painting, plating, polishing, etc. In addition to the polishing repair of the polishing wheel, we do not recommend other renovations because of regular production. The aluminum alloy wheel painting and electroplating process is very complicated. Even when it is produced in large quantities on a regular production line, there are slight deviations, and defects such as poor adhesion of the paint film and the coating layer and vacuum bubbles on the surface often occur. Therefore, roadside stores simply cannot have the ability to do this. Even if they do not hesitate to do so, the cost of renovation will be much higher than the price of the hub itself. Then there is the so-called refurbishment of the bright-faced wheel hub, which is even more unreliable. The machining of the alloy wheel hub is carried out by the CNC lathe according to the input product processing program. The repair shop simply does not have the product map of the refurbished wheel hub. What kind of processing program does he rely on? If the amount of processing cannot be controlled, the strength of the hub will be greatly reduced, and the danger of such a hub being installed on the vehicle can be imagined.

    In summary, at present, the repair and refurbishment projects of the alloy wheels claimed by the repair shop, some projects are simply not feasible, and some projects do not need to be done. If your car's wheels are really useless, then go In the market, change the style you like, don't trust the so-called "repair, renovation" of the alloy wheel. After all, the wheel is an important safety part of the car, shouldering the safety of you and your family.

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