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The aluminum alloy wheel for automobile is made of American grade A356.2 aluminum alloy. The production process is divided into two types: casting and forging. The aluminum alloy wheel has four characteristics:
1. Improve the comfort of driving. The aluminum alloy wheel has a metal characteristic that absorbs vibration and rebound forces. One piece. In addition, the use of CNC machine tools for high dimensional accuracy, high roundness, small yaw and good balance.
2, normal driving, saving fuel. Due to the weight of the changed aluminum alloy hub (compared with the replacement of the same size steel hub), the four-wheel rotational inertia is reduced, the acceleration of the vehicle is improved, and the braking energy demand is relatively reduced, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
3. Improve the safety of driving. For high-speed cars, it is not uncommon for tires to rub against the ground, brakes, and other high-temperature punctures and brake performance. The dispersion coefficient of aluminum alloy wheels is two to three times that of ordinary steel wheels. Together with the structural characteristics of aluminum alloy wheels, it is easy to dissipate the heat generated by tires and brake systems in the air. Even if the brakes are continuously braked during long driving hours, the wheel system can be maintained at an appropriate temperature. It can reduce the aging of the brake system and the wheel, and reduce the chance of puncture, thereby improving the safety of driving.
4, improve the beauty of the vehicle. The modification of a set of aluminum alloy wheels is beautiful and fuel-efficient, and reduces the chance of puncture. It is very suitable for high temperature summer.

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