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Great Wall Motor two door two seater pot cover aluminum alloy wheels and round light convertible


Great Wall Motors, a small manufacturer that used to make pickup trucks, has now grown into a top-tier auto brand in China. Its biggest contribution is SUV products. For example, the cumulative sales of Haval h6 models have reached more than 3 million units, so Great Wall Haval has also become an SUV. leader. However, in addition to the advantages of SUVs, Great Wall Motors can be said to have lost in the car field. However, Great Wall Motors does not intend to abandon the car business. At the recent Beijing International Auto Show, in addition to the introduction of the Great Wall Trendy concept car, Great Wall Euler The brand also launched a number of new products, one of which is a very special display model.

This model uses a relatively rare dark green paint, which looks like a British sports car. In fact, this model is based on the Great Wall Euler Black Cat, which is just a redesign of the original factory. The closed front face can be seen in the front of the car. The logo of the Great Wall Euler is quite simple. The round retro headlights on both sides use LED light source. The side of the car can see the aluminum alloy wheels of the pot cover similar to the Mach. These retro high-end elements are used A lot.

The most exaggerated is the cockpit of the whole car. The designer team brought a two-door two-seater design. After the two doors are opened, you can see that the two seats inside are connected in one piece. After all, the size of the whole car is compared. small. There is also a specially designed roll cage on the back of the seat back. It even looks a bit like a mid-rear drive sports car layout. What is more embarrassing is that this car does not provide a windshield, and it does not have a roof. The windshield is obviously not very practical, and the driver may need to bring his own helmet at high speed.

The appearance of the whole car is indeed very cool, but the powertrain provided by the Euler Black Cat is relatively weak. The low-end version only has a 48-horsepower electric motor, and the high-power version only has 61 horsepower. This level of power is obviously There is a huge gap with the sports car, so this convertible two-door two-seater car is only for the pursuit of personalization, not for the pursuit of high-performance products. To whom does Great Wall Motor create such a product?

Judging from the overall styling style of this car, the target customer group is obviously young people, and mainly female consumers. If it is only used as a means of transportation in the urban traffic environment, then this car has an unparalleled rate of return, but it needs Note that after buying this car, you need to check the weather carefully before you go out. If it rains, it will be uncomfortable without the roof and windshield.

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