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What are the several ways to change the color of aluminum alloy wheels?


The color change of aluminum alloy wheels is roughly divided into three methods: the first is to change the color of aluminum alloy wheels by spraying paint; the second is to change the color of aluminum alloy wheels; the third is to change the color of aluminum alloy wheels by drawing; the fourth is to change the color of aluminum alloy wheels. Change the color of electroplating. Let me introduce the four color changing methods of aluminum alloy wheels:

  The first type: aluminum alloy wheels spray paint spray film change color

It is a simple and cheap way to change the color of aluminum alloy wheels by spraying and spraying. Basically, you can do it yourself, but I believe that many car users who have done the spraying and spraying of aluminum alloy wheels by themselves will definitely not use this spray paint. Or it is sprayed. After all, this kind of simple spray paint has insufficient adhesion to change the color, and it will fade in a short time. And this kind of thing will not fall off all, but the part will fall, and the undropped part is not easy to buckle. Let’s show you a picture of a car friend spraying paint by himself.

   The second type: aluminum alloy wheel paint color change

   The paint color of the aluminum alloy wheel hub changes. The paint will definitely have stronger adhesion than spray paint. Moreover, the current paint color change of aluminum alloy wheels is done by the process of "three sprays and three baking" after the original aluminum alloy wheel surface paint is removed. Not only does it have strong adhesion and will not fade, but also the transparent powder on the top surface. It can protect the aluminum alloy wheel hub from corrosion and oxidation. Nowadays, the popular colors of aluminum alloy wheels are changed to bright black paint, champagne, gun gray paint and so on. Of course, there are more personalized aluminum alloy wheels with two-color paint. Let's look at a few cases of aluminum alloy wheels after paint change

   The third type: aluminum alloy wheels brushed to change color

   Aluminum alloy wheel brushed color change is divided into two-color paint brushed, and manual transparent brushed. This kind of color change is of course based on the re-painting of the primer after the paint is stripped, the final painting and the final protection of the transparent powder. With this color, we directly look at the effect picture after changing the drawing

  The fourth type: aluminum alloy wheel plating change color

  The color change of the aluminum alloy wheel plating is to use the old aluminum alloy wheel of the original car to change the plating, and the vacuum environmental protection plating of "four sprays and four roasts" is adopted, which will not peel off after plating. Aluminum alloy wheels are divided into black or white electroplating, electroplating color, electroplating wire drawing, and electroplating double color. Of course, no matter what kind of electroplating color, it is made strictly according to the "four sprays and four baking" vacuum electroplating after the paint is stripped.

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