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Buick car with 15 inch aluminum alloy wheels is on fire


   The overall shape of the slippery back is very in line with the consumer aesthetics of the Chinese people. In terms of turning head rate, Excelle’s overall design is exquisite, the entire front face design looks layered, the headlights on both sides are designed with brilliant colors, and the internal light sets are strewn and bright when lit. The double waistline on the side creates a sense of ready to go, and it looks very sporty. In addition, the 15 inch wheel shape makes it more sporty. The tail is still relatively simple, and the details of the taillights have become clearer after re-outlining.

Buick with 15 inch aluminum alloy wheels

In terms of interior, this car is also very high-end. The large plastic cover of the steering wheel brings a nice sense of luxury. The entire center console and above are made of soft plastic materials, which greatly enhances the sense of quality of the vehicle. The 7.0-inch center control screen has a simple screen design but complete functions. The front row is also equipped with a manual air conditioning control system for free debugging. The most comfortable space atmosphere.

The Excelle has a length of 4468mm, a body width of 1765mm, and a wheelbase of 2611mm. The data is quite satisfactory. Among the models of the same level, the Excelle's wheelbase ranks 33rd. As a compact car, its body size does not have much advantage in its class. Its internal riding space is basically sufficient. After all, it is restricted by the body length and shape. The skylight design also increases the subjective space experience of the front and rear passengers. Among the models of the same price and the same level, Excelle’s trunk volume ranks 8th. Basically enough luggage space for family travel. But there is no additional hidden storage space.

The Excelle is equipped with a 1.3 engine with a maximum output of 79kW and a maximum torque of 133Nm. Must bring unforgettable charm of manipulation. Ranked 20th among the 80,000-120,000 compact car models.

Excelle’s active/passive safety configuration is complete, including LED daytime running lights, body stability control (ESP/DSC, etc.), side safety air curtains, braking force distribution (EBD), engine start and stop, brake assist (EBA/BAS) Etc.), uphill assist, child seat interface, traction control (ASR/TCS, etc.), rear reversing radar, anti-lock brake (ABS), tire pressure monitoring and other configurations.

Among them, the LED daytime running lights improve the visibility of the vehicle in the case of poor day-time driving sight environment, prevent accidents in advance, and ensure driving safety; body stability control (ESP/DSC, etc.) is responsible for monitoring the driving state of the car at any time , It can automatically apply braking force to one or more wheels, and even brake 150 times per second in some cases, to keep the car in the lane selected by the driver; side safety air curtain cushions the vehicle from sideways The damage caused by the collision to the members.

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