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Which is better for car 17 inch or 18 inch wheels? What kind of car is it suitable for?


I think 17 inch wheelsare better for household use, and have a strong ability to filter vibration. 17-inch wheels are suitable for compact cars, and 18 inch wheels are suitable for medium-sized and medium-sized cars, and even large cars.

Which is better for car 17 inch or 18 inch wheels? What kind of car is it suitable for?

In fact, many people have done some comparative experiments on this issue. In general, it needs to be distinguished according to the model, because some models are suitable for 17 inch wheels, and some models are suitable for 18-inch wheels. It is not general to say that 17 inch wheels are suitable. Which of the hubs or 18 hubs is better.

Some foreign experimental institutions have carried out some test experiments on tires. In fact, it can be seen from the test weight that large-size tires will reduce comfort and quietness, but can provide better handling and braking. As for what kind of tires to choose, individuals should still choose tires that are more suitable for them according to their own needs. They should consider price, brand, and practicality.

However, in our daily life, we can find that 18 inch wheels are usually reflected in the high-end and top-fitting of mid-level cars. Does this mean that 18-inch tires are good? In fact, this is mainly because of visual reasons. After the big wheels are equipped with some flat tires, your car will instantly increase a gear, especially for some sports cars. It has a very obvious effect.

And the price of 18 inch wheels is much more expensive than that of 17 inch wheels. This may also be the reason why the 18 inch wheels are used for mid-level high-end wheels. Today's knowledge about 17 inch wheels and 18 inch wheels is here.

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