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After the finished aluminum alloy wheel rim is oxidized, the present invention uses a special cast bar. After forging and heat treatment, the tensile strength is 570MPa, the yield strength is 540MPa, and the elongation is 15%, which is the same as that of wheels of the same specification. In comparison, the weight can be reduced to 17.2kg, which greatly reduces the weight. Through product oxidation treatment, this product effectively solves the problem of easy oxidation of aluminum alloy wheels and can meet the requirements of existing truck wheels.

Compared with traditional steel wheels, aluminum alloy wheels have the advantages of light weight, beautiful appearance, and good cooling performance. However, due to the limitations of materials, under the existing commonly used forging methods, their mechanical properties can only reach The tensile strength is 350mpa, the yield strength is 320mpa, and the elongation is about 12%.

Forging: The front surface of the cast rod is pre-forged by a press forging machine, and the shape is like a bowl. Then the back surface of the cast rod is forged into a cylindrical shape with a press forging machine at one time, and the cast rod is rolled into a forging billet with a spinning machine. It is in the shape of the hub edge.

Heat treatment: forging billet solution treatment, solution temperature 465-475℃, solution time 2-3 hours, quenching within 15 seconds after solution treatment, quenching temperature 40-60℃, time 85-95 seconds, quenching aging treatment, The aging temperature is 115-125℃, and the aging time is 22-24 hours.

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