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Introduction to the durability of aluminum alloy wheels


The wheel hub is also called the rim, which is a bucket of metal parts. The center of the tire is installed on the shaft. The decorative cover of the wheel is generally fixed at the center of the wheel to beautify the appearance of the wheel to protect the wheel and the center wheel, and to fix the structure of the decorative cover of the wheel. The welded part is directly installed on the wheel. Next, the editor will take you to understand the durability of the aluminum alloy wheel.

The connection will damage the surface finish of the wheel, the operation is more complicated, and the connection quality cannot be guaranteed. The other part is the wheel hub decoration cover. The mounting hole on the wheel hub is fixed on the wheel hub. For example, the decoration cover is installed on the surface of the wheel rim by a pawl, although the operation is simple , But the installation size cannot be adjusted.

The aluminum alloy wheel rim includes a hub body. The middle of the hub body is provided with a mounting groove. The bottom of the mounting groove is provided with a central hole connected to the wheel shaft. The edge of the mounting groove is provided with a step hole. The step hole of the decorative cover is located in the step hole of the hub body near the outer surface of the hub. A snap ring is provided on one side of the center hole.

The decorative cover includes a decorative surface that matches the outer shape of the hub body and a mounting surface inside the hub body. A bump is provided on the outer side of the lower end of the buckle, and an adjustment groove corresponding to the convexity is provided on the inner side of the lower end of the buckle.

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