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Closed forging process for outer ring of automobile wheel hub


The closed forging process of the outer ring of the automobile wheel includes cutting: using a sawing process to make the blank, heating: heating the blank to 1100-1400°C, upsetting: upsetting the blank on the upsetting equipment to obtain a drum blank, pre-forging: drum shape The blank is made into a pre-forged part through a pre-forging die, and precision forging: the pre-forged part is made into a forging part through a precision forging die and a hot forging machine.

The sawing process can better control the accuracy of the blank, reduce the burrs of the forging, make the quality difference between the blank and the final forging smaller, and reduce the loss of raw materials. The forging process adopts a 2500-ton hot die forging press and a cavity forging process. .

The weight difference between the blank and the forging is controlled within 0.3% during the blanking period to control the cutting accuracy, reduce the generation of forging burrs, and reduce the waste of raw materials. When designing the forging die, the upper die is designed as a punch and the lower die extends the cavity. Design guide holes on the periphery.

When the mold is closed, the positioning adopts the outer diameter of the punch and the positioning of the lower mold guide hole, so that the punch moves downward. In the process, it combines with the lower mold cavity to form a closed cavity, thereby forming a complete cavity in the closed cavity For the blank, because the extended profile adopts the guide hole design, the traditional forging die has no bridges and warehouse parts, and flash-free forging is realized.

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