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Introduce the stroke structure of aluminum alloy wheels


The stroke structure of the aluminum alloy wheel is a continuous and smooth curved surface groove. The elliptical arc segment includes a circular arc, which is located at the bottom of the stroke structure. The horizontal distance corresponding to the circular arc segment accounts for more than 4/5 of the entire curved surface groove. , The elliptical arc segment is located on one side of the stroke structure, and is joined with the arc segment.

When the structure is used to process the color stroke of the undercut surface, the paint is placed in the arc section under the action of its own gravity, and there will be no sagging phenomenon. Under the action of surface tension, the paint at the junction of the arc segment and the elliptical arc segment Attach the part to the ellipse, and on the surface, the paint is attached to the curved groove of the entire stroke structure.

The stroke structure is suitable for the combination of different background colors and different surface side colors. The color matching is widely adaptable, and the stroke width is large, which makes the appearance of the wheel elegant and beautiful. After painting and spraying, another color can be used for stroke processing. Effectively solve the problem that the bevel stroke paint is easy to sag, and the paint layer is too thick to bake and foam.

The stroke structure of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is set on the undercut surface, which is a continuous and smooth curved groove shape. The arc segment is located at the bottom of the trace of the edge structure. The length w1 of the arc segment in the horizontal direction is greater than 8mm, which occupies the entire stroke structure. the most part of.

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