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Control method for front wheel bounce of aluminum alloy wheel disc brake


The control method of the front wheel runout of aluminum alloy wheel disc brake is simple, the positioning effect is good, the runout tolerance is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the increased manufacturing cost is reduced. Next, the editor will take everyone to understand the aluminum wheel disc brake front wheel Bounce control method.


The subsequent processing is more "stable": the positioning reference "surface" includes the outer rim, the inner rim, the middle drum and the shaft hole, and the positioning reference is only the outer rim. Obviously the positioning reference surface "surface" removes more "obstacles" for the subsequent process ", so that the subsequent processing is naturally more "smooth".

Rough turning brake surface positioning reference surface, reference surface is positioning surface and positioning hole, positioning processing non-braking surface, fixed core seat positioning to process the braking surface, changing the process steps can realize the improvement of tooling and fixture, and make the product positioning effect better.

Generally speaking, mechanical processing mainly controls the bounce of the disc brake disc through the vehicle positioning reference. However, due to objective factors such as uneven casting and calibration errors, the vehicle positioning reference cannot guarantee that the disc brake disc bounce meets the process requirements, so the processing technology Take control.

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