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Introduce two-piece lightweight car alloy wheel rims


      Reducing body weight is an effective way to improve vehicle performance and reduce vehicle energy consumption, while reducing the weight of automobile wheels is an effective way to reduce vehicle weight. Many existing automobile manufacturers have adopted lighter aluminum alloys instead of cast iron wheels to reduce weight , Next, the editor will introduce two-piece lightweight car wheels.

     The two-piece lightweight automobile wheel hub includes integrally cast spokes and a rim. The spokes include a plurality of spokes arranged in a radial shape. The rim includes a rim body and a rim arranged on both sides of the rim body. The raised rim, between the spokes and the hub The connection and the rim body have the same wall thickness.

    Insert a connecting shaft between the two rims. The two rims are fixed by nuts on both sides of the connecting shaft, which increases the reliability of the hub. Since the connection between the spokes and the rim is the same as the wall thickness of the rim body, the joint between the spokes and the rim The wall thickness is reduced, the weight of the hub is reduced, and the lightweight design of the automobile hub is realized, thereby prolonging the use time of the hub.

  The utility model has a simple structure, which not only improves the performance of the car, but also saves the energy consumption of the car, conforms to the development trend of low carbon and environmental protection, and the equal wall thickness design effectively eliminates the casting defects caused by the different thickness in the casting process.

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