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Analysis of two color coating technology for aluminum alloy wheels


  With the continuous development of social economy and science and technology, the production process models in various industries are gradually changing. From the perspective of the process flow of the sound field of aluminum alloy wheels, painting is the last link of the whole process, which will have a certain impact on the service life of the wheels and the aesthetics of the aluminum alloy wheels. From the perspective of the production process of aluminum alloy wheels, its requirements for coating technology are relatively strict, and the specific coating process and processing technology are relatively professional. In this regard, this article takes aluminum alloy wheels as the starting point, and through a simple overview of the coating work of aluminum alloy wheels, and then conducts research on its specific coating process and key content, hoping to lay a good foundation for perfecting the coating work of aluminum alloy wheels Foundation.

two-color aluminum alloy wheels

  As far as the production of automobile safety parts is concerned, aluminum alloy wheels play a very important role. As far as aluminum alloy wheels are concerned, they have the characteristics of installation and corrosion resistance, and most of them are used in surface treatment. With the continuous development of economy and technology, the coating technology of aluminum alloy wheels can no longer meet the safety production requirements of modern auto parts. In order to ensure that aluminum alloy wheels can meet the production requirements of modern technology, it is imperative to conduct research on two-color coating technology.

   1. Overview of aluminum alloy wheel coating technology

  Aluminum alloy wheels are an important part of a car. Due to many problems during the driving of the car, it is imperative to paint the wheels to ensure the safety of driving. For the production process of aluminum alloy wheels, painting is the final link in the entire production work, and its requirements for processing technology and environmental cleanliness are relatively high. High-quality wheel hub coating technology can prolong the service life of automobile wheels, increase the appearance of the wheels, and avoid the occurrence of rust. Fundamentally speaking, the coating of aluminum alloy wheels covers more disciplines, so processing and production personnel also need to master the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of each discipline, by combining their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. , To ensure the performance of aluminum alloy wheels. In addition, before painting aluminum alloy wheels, relevant companies also need to understand customer needs, the actual status of the wheels, etc., and perform processing and painting work on the basis of in-depth analysis of various defects in the wheels to avoid repeated processing The emergence of behavior ensures that the best coating process is used in a well-developed coating plan to ensure the coating pass rate.

   2. Two-color painting process for aluminum alloy wheels

Relevant personnel should use resin to conventionally paint the wheel hub. After finishing the conventional painting, perform the subsequent processing, and give a fine car to remove the electrophoretic part of the car body to ensure that the aluminum alloy of the wheel can be completely. After being exposed, the relevant layers are removed with the help of electrophoretic coating technology to produce a new type of two-color wheel hub. Specifically:
One is the need to heat the aluminum alloy wheel hub, finely process the rough blank of the wheel hub, remove the black skin and step difference on the surface of the wheel hub, and use sandpaper to break the uneven position of the wheel hub to keep it in a flat state. If there is a hole in the hub itself, the technician can use glue to make up for it to ensure the flatness of the hub surface.
The second is to use warm water to clean the pollutants on the aluminum alloy wheel hub. After ensuring that there is no dust and impurities on the surface of the wheel hub, the water mark above the wheel hub is air-dried, and then it is dried at high temperature to ensure that the impurities and impurities in the wheel hub The dust has been completely cleaned and the wheel hub is in a completely clean state, and then the first layer of primer spraying should be started. When spraying, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature is moderate to ensure that the powder layer can be well connected to the surface of the wheel to ensure the surface of the wheel. Smoothness improves the adhesion of colored paint.
The third is to use precision processing for the aluminum alloy wheel hub, so that the small lines and raised particles on the surface of the wheel hub parts can be smoothed and smooth, and the smoothness of the wheel hub itself is maintained. Then use clean water to rinse the dust and impurities on the surface of the accessories to dry the water marks on the surface. Then adjust the color paint on the wheels according to the production requirements of the aluminum alloy wheels. After all the above preparations are completed, start spraying primer on the hub and preheating. When the preheating reaches a certain level, spray a special varnish on the hub; when the color adjustment work is completed, a set time is required And temperature to improve the easy peeling characteristics of the paint on the wheel hub.
The fourth is to conduct hot dipping treatment on the aluminum alloy wheel hub, and electrophoretic coating of the wheel hub after removing excess grease on the surface. In order to ensure the quality of the coating technology level in this link, the relevant personnel must select specific chemical soap accessories to complete the wax removal and degreasing treatment, and timely clean up all the high-quality products that fall off. After cleaning the aluminum alloy wheel hub, put it in a special degreasing tank to prevent unnecessary contamination of the wheel hub, and then rinse it with clean water to prevent dust and impurities in the wheel hub from entering the subsequent production process.
Fifth, relevant companies and technicians should select color paste and electrophoretic paint and adjust the voltage according to relevant standards. When starting to blend the color paint, it is necessary to adjust the working fluid, control the conductivity, and adjust the voltage amplitude at the same time [6 ]. In the process, if it is found that the work is also aging, it is necessary to add fresh working fluid, and after the color paste is added, it needs to go through the corresponding cycle to ensure that the final color paint can meet Painting requirements for aluminum alloy wheels.

   3. Conclusion

   All in all, with the continuous development of economy and technology, the development space of aluminum alloy wheels in the society is now further expanding, and the requirements for wheel coating technology in the production and processing of related industries are becoming more and more stringent. Therefore, relevant companies and personnel should first closely analyze and pay attention to the avoidance of the original aluminum alloy wheel coating methods. In combination with the requirements of modern production technology for wheel coating technology, the secret coating and electrophoretic coating are now combined. Way to improve the aesthetics and safety of wheel hub coating. In addition, related companies and personnel also need to closely follow the development of science and technology and changes in market demand, gradually improve and perfect the two-color coating technology, optimize and adjust each production link, so as to ensure the production quality of aluminum alloy wheels.

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