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Method and process of aluminum alloy wheel electroplating


The electroplated aluminum alloy wheels have a mirror-like shiny appearance, which looks very cool, and the electroplated wheels have strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, many car owners like to change the electroplating of the wheel hub. However, there are many manufacturers that do aluminum alloy wheel electroplating, and there are different methods and prices, and there is a big problem in the choice. Now let the editor analyze the methods, processes, advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy wheel electroplating.

Electroplated aluminum alloy wheels

   Aluminum alloy wheel plating process is divided into three methods: aluminum alloy wheel spraying, aluminum alloy wheel water plating, aluminum alloy wheel vacuum plating.

   aluminum alloy wheel spraying

  Although the appearance of the aluminum alloy wheel spraying is very beautiful, the adhesion of the spraying is not strong, and it is easy to peel and fade. But this price is cheap

   Aluminum alloy wheel water plating

  The adhesion of water plating on aluminum alloy wheels is better than that of aluminum alloy wheels, but once there is a little peeling, the front part will fall down in large quantities, and the color is single, the process is complicated, and the price is high.

   Aluminum alloy wheels vacuum plating

   Aluminum alloy wheels have strong adhesion in vacuum plating, and the surface is much brighter than water plating, and has strong corrosion resistance. The price is higher than spray plating but cheaper than water plating. In addition, water electroplating is polluting, and now most of them are spray plating or vacuum plating. And more and more car owners are already inclined to guarantee vacuum plating.

Aluminum alloy wheel electroplating method

Step 1: Check whether the wheel hub is deformed, bouncing up and down, and swinging left and right.

Step 2: Reshape and fill the gap. Use aluminum alloy fusion welding technology to fill the gap, which is completely solved. Generally, the defect of the refurbished putty of the wheel is not firm as the filler (if there is no gap, no deformation, this step is unnecessary).

The third step: paint stripping treatment
Taking off the corrosive and aging paint is different from the general wheel hub refurbishment, which is directly hand-polished or does not peel off the paint.

Step 4: Polishing
①The surface of the original wheel hub is relatively rough, ②The screw hole and valve hole of the wheel hub are uneven, ③The wheel chassis uses polishing and grinding technology to completely achieve the surface of the wheel hub and the perfection of the wheel hub details, completely solving the general wheel hub refurbished surface unevenness and wheel details such as Defects such as peeling of screw holes.

Step 5: Clean the foam
Five procedures are used to clean the hub, and the refurbishment of the hub starts from the root cause to ensure the flawless standard for repairing the hub.

Step 6: Spray mustard paint
The wheel hub is sprayed with powder and melted at high temperature, and the bottom adopts powder coating technology, which solves the shortcomings of poor wheel hardness and poor adhesion caused by the general wheel hub refurbishment manufacturers using paint bottoming.

Step Seven: Electroplating
The wheel hub enters the dust-free electroplating production line for electroplating and baking (electroplating involves the exclusive rights of technology, it is not convenient to put pictures).

The eighth step: spray paint
The wheel hub is sprayed with top paint, and then baked to make the hardness can reach more than 2H, which can reach the standard of flawless surface of the wheel hub.

Step 9: Salt spray test
After the hub is electroplated, the salt spray test is performed to detect the salt spray corrosion resistance of the hub, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the hub.

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