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Experts research on fatigue strength of automobile wheel rims


Car rim repair experts say that car rims are the key to ensuring the safe and stable driving of cars. At the same time, car rims are also used to fix the inner edge of the tire and support the tire, and bear the load of the entire vehicle together with the tire. The force, the torque that drives the car at high speed are all transmitted through the car's hub.

    Because the road on which the car actually travels is very complicated, the uneven road surface will give the car wheel a random variable amplitude impact load. The car must meet different driving speed and load requirements, and the torque transmitted through the wheel hub will also change. In the process of driving, the wheel hub will be subjected to fatigue load.

    It is difficult to obtain the load spectrum of the automobile wheel hub under actual working conditions through the actual measurement of the load condition of the tire in the driving of the automobile. For the existing automobile wheel bending fatigue testing machine, the load spectrum of the automobile in driving is measured, and then combined Modern fatigue analysis software is used for structural fatigue analysis of a certain type of automobile steel ring.

    The fatigue load of the wheel hub often causes instantaneous fracture or destruction of the components. For high-speed mechanical equipment such as automobiles, the reliability of the wheel hub plays a key role in the safety of the car. If the fatigue fracture of the wheel occurs during driving, it will cause immeasurable damage. Loss.

    Research on the fatigue life and reliability of automobile wheels has always been a topic of great concern in the wheel manufacturing industry. However, the fatigue life calculation and failure mechanism research of steel wheels require in-depth research. At present, it is related to the related theories and structural fatigue analysis of components. Application in the fatigue analysis of automobile steel rims, and then use finite element software to simulate the load condition of automobile steel rims to analyze the fatigue strength and life of steel rims.

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