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For truck wheels, do you choose aluminum or steel wheels?



If the car is bought with aluminum alloy wheels, there is no need to consider steel hubs. There is only a good one. How can it be worse? I believe no one is so stupid. If it is a steel hub at the beginning, whether it needs to be replaced with an aluminum alloy wheel hub, I think it mainly depends on three points: one is to see if the hand is rich, because the two have different prices; I personally think that the biggest advantage of aluminum alloy hubs is that they are lighter and have better heat dissipation. They can save a lot of fuel costs by running long distances. From color to shape, the aluminum hub is indeed more beautiful than the steel hub. The steel hub would be too cold without a cover

do you choose aluminum or steel wheels

Truck wheel hub technology

Gravity casting is the process of pouring a liquid alloy into a mold to cool it. Because the manufacturing process is simple and the mold is durable, it has become the lowest cost manufacturing method.

The one-piece hub is light in weight, can be made the lightest, has good dynamic balance, good reliability, and has no hidden dangers of air leakage, but the shape is relatively single.

Multi-piece forged wheel hub consists of two parts: rim and spoke.

Casting is the most basic method for producing aluminum wheels, and it is also relatively economical. The more common are low pressure casting and high back pressure die casting. Among them, low-pressure casting is made by melting molten aluminum in a sand mold, and after it is cooled and formed, it is then machined (deburring, trimming, and p olishing).

Truck wheel casting

However, because the aluminum block is continuously stamped during the production process, the molecular structure of the forged wheel will become very tight after forming, so it can withstand higher pressure.

In this process, the cast hub is formed at one time. Although the production cost is low and the production cycle is short, the molten liquid metal fills the cavity to cool, and air holes are easily generated in the middle of the part. The density is lower, which leads to the performance of the cast hub. It is relatively brittle, low in strength, and easy to smash after severe impact.

Therefore, if you want to make the wheel stronger, you need to replace the forged wheel with good performance and higher safety.

Forging is a processing method that uses a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to cause it to plastically deform to obtain a forged piece with certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and a certain size. Forged wheels are subjected to high-pressure impact, so the density will be higher, and the interaction between the material molecules will be stronger, requiring less raw materials

It can achieve sufficient rigidity, so the overall weight will be lighter.

Another relatively good method is called low-pressure casting. It changes the pouring system on the basis of ordinary casting to make liquid metal enter the mold with a certain pressure. This method allows the metal to fill the mold quickly, and the air pressure does not damage the mold too much. The wheel manufactured by this process can be more than ordinary

Gravity casting density is 30% higher. This method has high efficiency, high product pass rate, and good mechanical properties.

Forging can eliminate the looseness during metal casting and make the density of the alloy higher. It can be seen through the microscope that the density of the cast wheel hub is much lower than that of the forged wheel, and the molecular structure of the forged wheel wheel is closer. Stronger.

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