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How to choose the right aluminum alloy wheels for different models and colors?


Changing a set of aluminum alloy wheels will make the car more personalized and beautiful, so the modification of aluminum alloy wheels is also an item that many modified car owners must move.

So how to choose an aluminum alloy wheel suitable for your car?

Body color and aluminum alloy wheel color

The color match is important. Do not blindly pursue the mainstream colors on the market, according to the color of your body is king.

1 white body

White cars are now the popular choice, and many models are also the most sought after. At the same time, white is relatively versatile compared to cars of other colors.

The white body is the first to highlight black aluminum alloy wheels. This combination will make the car look very sporty and at the same time very energetic.

The matte black aluminum alloy wheels will also have to be very sporty first, but it will be slightly weaker than the bright black, which is suitable for those who take the decadent wind.

Gun gray is also a very mainstream color in sports aluminum alloy wheels. It is also very sporty on white cars. It is also a very good choice. On the white body, black and white will be more classic.

The silver-alloy wheels are wild, but it seems a bit ordinary to collide with the same wild white body.

The color aluminum alloy wheels generally refer to aluminum alloy wheels such as red, blue, and yellow.

The red aluminum wheels with the white body will look dignified, not so delicate. Especially the bright color, it will look very plastic, the entire body lacks the metallic color system and looks lacking in strength.

This is a relatively rare match. The gold banner with aluminum alloy wheels with polished edges will be very delicate, atmospheric and powerful if installed on a white car. With this combination, aluminum alloy wheels are generally very high-end, and the size of aluminum alloy wheels cannot be too small.

2 black body

The black car is the former king and a symbol of high-end atmosphere. Although there are many white cars running on the road, black was once the first choice for everyone to buy a car.

Black will make the car more "thin", which will bring a more delicate feeling. This is suitable if the car is equipped with a large diameter silver (brighter color is larger) aluminum alloy wheels will make the car look very dignified, low-key and elegant. At first glance, it is not very eye-catching, but it is very eye-catching. The more you taste the more beautiful the taste.

The black body with black aluminum alloy wheels will give people a little neglect of his presence, which is a bit too low-key. Such cars are very dazzling when photographed under strong light, and they usually drown in the "car" group.


Red aluminum wheels with black body will feel like stepping on a hot wheel. The combination of red and black is a classic that combines demon and magic. Only the red aluminum alloy wheels are relatively few.


In addition, the black car with electroplated aluminum alloy wheels is also a good choice. I once saw a very clean black Alpha in Hong Kong, with electroplated aluminum alloy wheels and fluorescent green calipers.

3. Red body

A slightly more vibrant color such as red is gradually increasing on the road. Especially red models like BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 are quite popular.

Of course, the red body is the gun gray aluminum wheel. The red body with the gun's gray aluminum alloy wheels will appear exceptionally sporty.


Of course, black aluminum alloy wheels can bring similar sports feeling, but because red is not as bright as white. Although the use of black aluminum alloy wheels is a classic, it is too low-key compared to the gun gray aluminum alloy wheels.

The silver aluminum alloy wheels are not ugly to use in red cars, but they are slightly lacking in personality and too ordinary.


4, blue body

Owners who buy blue cars generally value performance, so many super small guns are selling in blue.

The blue car is more suitable for aluminum alloy wheels, the silver aluminum wheel can make the car look more refined.

Gun gray aluminum alloy wheels and black aluminum alloy wheels also show the nature of movement against the blue background.

In addition, the relatively strong blue color will be very gorgeous with the golden aluminum alloy wheels.

In general, the blue body is better with colors, as long as it is not some colors that look very plastic, it can form a corresponding style.

5, gray body

Gu's owners will choose a low-key and stain-resistant color like gray. At the same time, combat gray is the color that performance players are keen on. So it is a gray blessing to get the favor of both groups.

The gray body is still the silver of the wild. The silver aluminum alloy wheels with the gray body will be slightly larger than the actual visual. So the sense of movement and power brought by "Big Feet" makes people not tired of playing.

If you want to choose black to highlight the personality of the sport, you must choose bright black, matte black with gray will make the car look weaker.

The conversion of the more popular gun gray to the aluminum wheel hub conflicts with the original gray, so we do not particularly recommend the gun gray.

Aluminum alloy wheel style should match the car style

1, less banner and more sports

For the car to look more sporty, a lower body is a must.

At the same time, aluminum alloy wheels should try to choose the ones with less banners. Although the aluminum alloy wheels vary from model to model, generally within ten frames is not wrong (there are also some 14-frame aluminum alloy wheels that are also very sporty).

If the model is too large, such as a car, it is recommended to choose thinner aluminum alloy wheels.

If it is a small car such as a small sports car or a small steel gun, it is recommended to use aluminum alloy wheels with thick banners.

Of course, choosing a large size and simple style for sports style is a must.

2. Complex-shaped aluminum alloy wheels are more suitable for luxury style

Large commercial vehicles are dignified, and complex and changeable banners are most suitable.

Whether it can leak the brakes is not the key, the key is whether there is a luxury element.

Key points: big throws and plating are extra points!

3. Different off-road locations have different choices

If you are an experienced off-road enthusiast, and those who like to drive unusual roads, the aluminum alloy wheels should be strong and durable.

Aluminum alloy wheels are not recommended to be too large.

The style should be simple and the banner should be thick and strong, making people look confident and reliable. Scratches and mud stains can better reflect the car's tough and informal style.

For urban suv, it should be a combination of sport and luxury.

The choice of aluminum alloy wheels is large, followed by luxurious elements.

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