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1 Main factors determining the quality of aluminum alloy wheels
The effects of aluminum alloy wheels in the application process are mainly related to the following factors: 1) the alloy composition of aluminum alloy wheels; 2) the quality of mechanical properties, including tensile, elongation, hardness and other factors 3) Microstructure density and the size of inclusions; 4) Air tightness; 5) Geometrical dimensional tolerances and shape and position tolerances; 6) Surface quality of aluminum alloy wheels; 7) Whether it has good corrosion resistance. During the application of the wheel hub, due to environmental factors, it will cause gas or liquid corrosion, which will affect the overall performance of the car. Considering this problem, it needs to be spray-painted accordingly.
2 The main production process of aluminum alloy wheels
2.1 Melting
During the melting process, it is necessary to consider the melting equipment and control the donkey temperature better. Generally speaking, in order to meet the needs of on-site manufacturing, domestic products need to be mainly used. In this way, it also has good convenience in the maintenance process. At the same time, during the melting of the hub, the iron content needs to be strictly controlled to remain at about 0.15%. In this way, it is necessary to strictly control the selection of ingredients to meet actual needs.
2.2 Refining
In the process of refining, if you want to ensure a good refining effect, you need to choose a suitable refining method. This article believes that the "dual gas fixation" method can effectively meet the actual needs. In terms of equipment selection, both imported equipment and domestic equipment can meet this need.
2.3 Casting
At the time of casting, more than 85% of the wheel hubs were realized by "low-pressure casting process". In addition, metal gravity casting was also adopted.
2.4 X-ray inspection
In the process of X-ray inspection of aluminum alloy wheels, the inspection equipment is mainly based on industrial real-time imaging systems. The model of the X-ray tube is 160kVA metal sense, which can clearly observe defects such as shrinkage and pinholes, and better meet aluminum Needed for alloy wheel production.
2.5 Heat treatment
During the heat treatment of aluminum alloy wheels, the temperature of the donkey needs to be taken into account, and the relevant treatment methods need to be well applied. Generally speaking, the temperature of heat treatment should be maintained within ± 5 ° C. At the same time, a good grasp of the energy application form is needed, mainly natural gas and electric energy.
At the same time, in the process of placing the hub, the products need to be placed separately and the situation of the material rack needs to be adopted. During the heat treatment of the wheel hub, the main methods are hanging frame type and push plate type. During continuous processing, the temperature should maintain good uniformity. In addition, in order to better improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption, the continuous heat treatment method of the hanging frame type will be better developed and applied in the future. In view of this problem, in the heat treatment of the wheel hub, it is necessary to pay attention to the better application of new technical means.
2.6 Machining
During the machining of aluminum alloy wheels, domestic manufacturers mainly use single-axis or horizontal CNC machine tools, and adopt CNC high-precision machining methods to process aluminum alloy wheels. In mechanical processing, the traditional process means to handle the riser off-line, and then adopt the processing method of first turning and then drilling to ensure high accuracy of wheel processing.
The application of the new wheel hub technology has improved the traditional method. The CNC dual-axis machining unit is mainly used to drill first and then turn to locate the bolt holes to ensure that the turning speed is at least 2? 500t / min, which effectively reduces The machining process improves the efficiency of wheel processing. This new technical means has gradually become the future development trend of aluminum alloy wheel machining.
2.7 Air tightness test
After the aluminum alloy wheel is processed, its air tightness needs to be checked to see if it meets the actual production needs. Generally, when the hydraulic test method is adopted, the air leakage of the aluminum alloy wheel hub is detected through visual observation. This method of air tightness detection is widely used at present.
With the development of technology, in the application process of the new air tightness detection method, by using the simple analysis method of nitrogen, it can quickly detect the leakage of aluminum alloy wheels, which has the characteristics of better automation and intelligent development. The application of this technology has greatly improved the efficiency of air tightness testing and has become a new trend in the development of air tightness testing of aluminum alloy wheels.
2.8 Painting
The last process of aluminum alloy wheel production is painting. When painting, the efficiency and quality of painting need to be considered. Generally speaking, at the present stage, the painting of wheels is mainly by manual and automatic spraying methods. In the manual spraying process, it is difficult to grasp the coating thickness, while the automatic spraying method can control the thickness of about 10mm, and the thickness can be effectively adjusted and controlled. When spraying paint, spray guns are mainly used. The coating process is: pretreatment-spraying powder-spraying paint-spraying transparent powder.
3 Three wheel quality test tests commonly used internationally
3.1 Impact Test
In the impact test, when the wheel is installed with the tire, it is subject to the impact of the weight, and the angle is 13 ° or 30 °. It is necessary to ensure that the tire does not leak. The impact test is mainly performed by simulating a road edge or an obstacle on the road.
3.2 Bending Fatigue Test
The bending fatigue test is mainly performed on the wheel hub. The periphery of the wheel hub is fixed, and the performance of the wheel hub is tested by using the effect of cyclic torque. During the test, make sure that the hub does not crack.
3.3 Rolling Fatigue Test
The rolling fatigue test mainly uses the rotating drum to check the service life of the wheels. The main purpose is to test the rolling of the wheel under normal running.
4 The simple way to distinguish the quality from the quality when buying aluminum alloy wheels in daily life
4.1 Measure wheel weight by hand
 During the manual inspection of the wheel hub, the strength of the wheel hub can be effectively judged by analyzing the amount of aluminum used in the wheel hub. In general, the heavier the hub, the greater its strength, and vice versa.
4.2 Tap on the side wall of the hub to distinguish the echo of the hub
 The quality of aluminum material will affect the echo of percussion. The crisper the echo, it means that the wheel aluminum is better selected. If the echo is dull after the impact, or there is almost no echo, it can be judged as a wheel made of inferior aluminum.
5 Conclusion
With its unique advantages, aluminum alloy wheels are gradually becoming the leading products in the field of automobile wheels. China is now a strong country in the production of aluminum alloy wheels. When choosing good quality aluminum wheels in China, the first choice is a very good China aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer. Jihoo has been in the aluminum wheel industry for more than 20 years and has been engaged in the export of aluminum alloy wheels.

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