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Advantages and disadvantages of high pressure casting and low pressure casting of aluminum alloy wheels


Advantages and disadvantages of high pressure casting and low pressure casting of aluminum alloy wheels

In the mold casting process, there are generally high pressure casting and low pressure casting. Although they are both cast, there are some differences, so for us, it is necessary to pay attention to the two. Already. So how do we distinguish? The following editors will analyze this aspect so that everyone will not confuse them.

The aluminum alloy wheel is cast by high pressure. It drives the injection head to press the metal liquid into the mold cavity at high speed, so the pressure is very high. However, low-pressure casting uses hydraulic pressure to press the metal into the mold cavity. The pressure is not very high, so it is called low-pressure casting.
Regardless of whether it is high pressure casting or low pressure casting, aluminum alloy wheels are one of pressure casting, so let's take a brief look at pressure casting.
Pressure casting also has advantages and disadvantages. The specifics are:
(1) The accuracy of the casting flow analysis software for casting ruler gravity casting is high, and the product quality is good, the surface finish is good, and the product strength and hardness are relatively high.
(2) The production efficiency of machinery and equipment is high, and the life of die-casting molds of Shatian zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers is long, and it is easy to realize mechanization and automation.
(3) Die-casting parts generally do not need to be machined, and can be used directly. Even if there is, the processing volume is very small. Therefore, it can improve the utilization rate of metal and save assembly man-hours.
(1) Castings are prone to pores and cannot be heat treated.
(2) If the indentation of the casting is more complicated, then die casting will be more difficult.
(3) If it is a high melting point alloy, the life of the die-casting mold is relatively short.
(4) Not suitable for small batch production, because the manufacturing cost is relatively high.

At present, most China aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers are trying low-pressure casting.

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