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Causes and countermeasures of dumping butter on automobile aluminum wheels


   Abstract: When driving large and medium-sized cars, the lubricating oil is often thrown out from the rear wheel hub (the junction with the half-axle flange), which is more harmful; First, it pollutes the environment and affects the appearance of the car;
The second is that it affects the braking effect, and even the braking is not possible; the third is economic waste. The lack of oil due to oil rejection will also increase the wear of the machine parts or cause ablation. If it is not eliminated in time, it will produce bad fruit. The following article specifically introduces the reasons and countermeasures for the aluminum alloy wheels to dump butter, and I hope it can help you.

Causes and countermeasures of dumping butter on automobile aluminum alloy wheels
Eco Grease believes that wheel hub oil rejection is generally caused by the following reasons:
The rear axle is filled with too much lubricating oil or grease, flows through the inner hole of the half shaft sleeve to the flange of the half shaft, and leaks out through the sealing paper pad.
The oil seal of the hub axle shaft is damaged, and the seal failure causes oil leakage.
The bearing runs on the inner or outer circle, and the heat generated by the friction thins the grease, which causes oil to be thrown out of the hub.
The vent hole in the rear axle housing is blocked, causing the temperature of the internal gear of the differential to increase and the oil pressure to increase, resulting in the leakage of lubricating oil.
The machining accuracy of the joint surface between the end face of the half shaft flange and the hub is not high, and the gasket is damaged, resulting in oil leakage.
The hub bearing is adjusted too tight or braked frequently while driving, the temperature rises sharply, and the grease melts and is thrown out through the half shaft pad.
The bearing cap of the front wheel hub and the fixing bolts of the rear axle half shaft are loose and damaged, causing oil sling.
Eco Grease believes that the preventive measures for wheel oil rejection are:
The quality and specifications of the oil seal meet the requirements. It should be tight after installation, and it is suitable to have resistance when turning by hand.
The rear axle is filled with lubricant according to the required capacity. The hub bearing is lubricated with proper amount, that is, the grease is evenly coated on the inside and outside of the bearing, and no grease is added into the hub cavity. Both
Heat dissipation on the hub reduces the running resistance, saves grease and reduces economic expenses.
Frequently dredge and clean the vent holes and screw plugs on the rear axle housing to ensure that they communicate with the atmosphere and prevent the rear axle temperature and internal pressure from becoming too high.
Correctly install and adjust the tightness of the hub bearing. After tightening the nut (the wheel cannot be turned by hand), it is returned 1/8-1/4 turn (the wheel can be turned by hand but feels astringent) as
Eliminate the inner and outer circle of the bearing. The method is to coat a layer of alloy on the outer housing ring or journal of the bearing;
Replace parts.
Replace the intact paper pad, and align and tighten the half shaft bolts.
In order to prevent the hub from heating up and the grease becomes thinner during frequent braking, you can spray water on the hub to cool down or install a water spray device.

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