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An overview and analysis of the coating technology of aluminum wheels


  With the development of society and economic progress, the ecological environment has gradually become a very urgent problem in social development. Environmental protection issues have been paid more and more attention. People’s own environmental awareness has also been continuously improved. Environmental protection concepts and design methods have been gradually innovated. On this basis, aluminum wheel coating technology has been developed and applied. The development of the automobile industry has continued to progress, and this coating technology has also developed rapidly. China has become the center of aluminum wheel coating technology. The emergence of environmental pollution and other problems has provided a stronger driving force for the application of aluminum wheel coating technology. Various well-known cars have also begun to apply this coating method, constantly shifting their design concepts from luxury pursuits to green design, and how to better implement the application of this technology has become a very important issue.

1 Generation of green painting concept

Before introducing the aluminum wheel coating technology, we first need to introduce the green coating concept. This green coating concept is mainly based on the rapid deterioration of environmental pollution and other problems. Under the conditions of environmental changes, environmental protection and pollution reduction are gradually It has become an inevitable problem, and people's environmental awareness is also constantly improving. On this basis, actively establish a green environmental protection concept. Under the guidance of this concept, the automotive coating process continues to change in this regard, thereby coating the aluminum wheel. Development provided important conditions. Analyzed from the basic development concept, the concept of green environmental protection is mainly based on ensuring the quality of the automotive coating process, pursuing more high-quality and low-cost methods, and on the basis of making a positive contribution to environmental protection construction, it can also ensure the automotive coating. Cost-effectiveness. Under the guidance of the green concept, it is necessary to strictly abide by the three major standards and principles. The first is the principle of low energy consumption to reduce energy consumption and ensure the cost and quality of the coating process. The second is the low-emission principle. Emissions have a serious impact on environmental pollution. The green concept attaches great importance to the low-emission concept and reduces the pollution emissions of automobiles in order to contribute to environmental pollution. Finally, the principle of high efficiency, this principle is mainly based on the operation of automotive coating itself, based on the active realization of the concept of green environmental protection, but also not only to enhance high efficiency, to ensure that the two can develop together. On the basis of ensuring the basic principles of the green concept, actively promote the implementation of the aluminum wheel coating process to ensure the value and quality of the commodity, and can contribute to the improvement of the environment.

2 Analysis of aluminum wheel coating technology

For the aluminum wheel coating process, it is an important process form in automobile assembly. The wheel is one of the main parts of the enterprise, which can better ensure the shape of the car, stabilize the balance of the vehicle's operation, and be able to withstand Both the quality and the quality can provide a good guarantee, and at the same time can reduce the pressure of the car itself, providing more convenient conditions for the future development of the car. On the basis of the gradual increase of environmental problems, stricter requirements are imposed on automobile wheels. Not only are automobile wheels required to meet environmental protection requirements, but also strict requirements are placed on heat resistance. The improvement of paint and the optimization of quality have improved the quality of automobile wheels to a certain extent. After the fine paint is applied to enhance the basic performance of automobile wheels, it can also reduce the pollution caused to the environment. Excellent paint can ensure the adhesion of the coating is stronger, and it has also been improved in aesthetics. At the same time, the corrosion resistance and impact resistance of the hub have been improved, and the basic performance of the hub has been improved overall. At the same time, it can also provide a higher guarantee for the quality of the car itself. For the traditional wheel form, aluminum alloy is one of the preferred materials. In the new coating technology, the aluminum wheel is used to paint it, which can reduce the influence of chromium in the original material. At the same time, innovations were also made in painting methods. The method of improving the powder primer in the traditional wheel coating, although this method can improve the overall corrosion, but the effect is not ideal, and it needs to be re-worked. Actively adopt materials such as glazed transparent paint and solvent-based topcoat to ensure the appearance and gloss and comprehensive performance of the hub. On this basis, we must pay attention to the selection of materials, choose a coating material with better performance, combine the national regulations in this regard as the standard, and based on the application needs of the car itself, actively plan the coating process, first It is necessary to ensure the quality of the powder primer in the spraying process of the primer, and also to ensure the basic appearance and performance of the hub, so that the process and materials can meet the relevant regulations.

An overview and analysis of the coating technology of aluminum wheels

3 Basic application of aluminum wheel coating process

For this coating process, it can improve the pollution of the car to the environment, reduce the energy consumption, and ensure cost-effectiveness, while also ensuring basic performance. The specific application mainly includes the following aspects:

3.1 Separation of aluminum scraps in the coating process of aluminum wheels

Before painting, you must first prepare for painting. During the preparation work, you need to process materials, etc. A large amount of aluminum scraps will be generated during the processing. Before the construction period, you need to ensure that these aluminum scraps can be separated. Although the washing and spraying will be carried out in time during the generation of aluminum scraps, because the amount of aluminum scraps is very large, clogging problems often occur during the flow into the ring groove, which not only affects the washing and spraying effect but also affects the performance. Therefore, during the preparation for painting, it is necessary to ensure that aluminum scraps can be separated. In this, the aluminum scrap separation site and equipment are established, and they are separated according to the vortex generated during the washing and spraying process. For the aluminum scrap separation, not only can ensure the smoothness of the ring groove, but also reduce the impact on the performance of the hub , On the basis of reducing resource consumption, improve the overall operating efficiency.

3.2 Oil-water separation in aluminum wheel coating process

It is also necessary to pay attention to oil-water separation in the aluminum wheel coating process. Oil-water separation is a very important construction step during construction operations. Oil and water will often enter the ring groove with the coating operation. Time will often lead to inconsistencies in the distribution of oil and water, and will also cause certain pressure for the oil and water separation in the aluminum wheel coating process. On the basis of increasing environmental pollution, it will also cause a large increase in energy consumption. For such a phenomenon, it is necessary to set up a professional cleaning system and procedures, establish an oil-water separation tower, and combine the suspension method to absorb the uppermost oil pollution and introduce it into the oil-water separator to scientifically separate the oil and water. The oil-water mixture is introduced into the oil pollution processor, so that after the oil-water separator is separated, the oil pollution and the like are treated again to ensure the timely treatment of the oil pollution and the performance of the hub.

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